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Don't go around tonight

Posted on Mon Feb 17th, 2020 @ 2:20pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant William Gunnison & Lieutenant Nikki St. John & Lieutenant Alexis Aenera & Lieutenant JG Lucy Graydon & Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Thor & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Calvin Morgan & Lieutenant William Rogers

Mission: Dead Moon


The view outside the ship had changed. Gone was the swirling angry mass of space that had been the inside of hell. Now there was nothing but inky darkness dotted with stars. Damage reports were still coming in from Engineering and Operations but the weakened shields and and the extra strain from tractoring the alien ship out of hell had taken a toll on the Astraea.

The message had been sent to Admiral Lockwood, informing him that they had retrieved the vessel. Intelligence were almost 40 hours away, but sensors showed that the Romulans were enroute to their location, an estimated time of arrival in less than six hours.

With Ichiko still confined to Sickbay, Abigail had assembled the away team herself and was now on her way to the transporter room to join them.

Britteny walked into the transporter room. She'd been picked as part of the Security team to head over to the alien vessel. She had a Phaser rifle slung over her back, as well as her normal sidearm strapped to her waist, with a tricorder on the opposite side. She was the second to arrive, and she nodded to the Captain as she walked in, taking a casual stance across the room, to double check her weapons.

Dressed in a fresh uniform, her hair pulled back into a braid, Nikki entered the transporter room, weapons already in place, and nodded to those assembled. Like everyone else, she had received weapons from the armory. She nodded to those assembled and waited on whomever was going to lead the mission.

"Hope this ain't all for me." Rogers quipped, noting the presence of the heavily armed security cohort.

Ben stood to one side of the transporter room using a console on the wall. On the console there were various readouts and the face of an Andorian wearing an Engineering Uniform all be it with the top most jacket removed. Ben was equipped with a standard side-arm, tricorder and small tool kit.

Alexis was the last to arrive, having taken a detour to her lab and festooning herself with scanners and gadgets. She had three different types of tricorders, two sensor wands, four other devices and a phaser all on the reinforced belt she'd put on. She also carried a satchel across her body to her left side that she adjusted as she hustled in, "Sorry, sorry, had to pick up a few things." She patted each of the items, looking forward to make sure she had them by feel.

Abigail stood in the transporter room, watching as the small gathering assembled. It was only once she everyone had arrived that she nodded to the operations crewman who was manning the transporter console. "We've scanned the other ship and we've found a location that looks like it might be a cargo bay of some sort, it's empty, we're going to use that for your transport destination. Because we don't know the status of the inside of the ship, you're all going to be required to wear environmental suits. Sorry, I know they aren't pleasant, but it's better than risking radiation poisoning or exposure. This isn't an extended trip. Get in, look for who ever owns the ship, ascertain their status and get out. Lieutenant St John and Lieutenant Rogers, I'll be expecting you to report back every twenty minutes. Any questions?"

"Were we able to pin down any points of interest in our scans?" Rogers asked.

"The ship is in a low to no power condition. We can scan the structure but we can really only guess as to what each room is for. We believe we've found the bridge, the cargo bays, and engineering. Sensors couldn't scan through to scan what we believe to be the main reactor, though. We have a general layout of the ship's interior. Hallways, possible crew quarters and function rooms, maybe even sickbay." the operational officer answered.

Rogers turned to St John. "How'd you feel about splitting up? I'll take half of the team to the engineering and you head for the bridge."

Abigail nodded. "I think that would be a good idea. We don't have a lot of time before the Romulans get here, I'd like to know what we're dealing with before then. If this is some kind of secret Romulan ship, they're going to fight for it and we'll need to be prepared.'

Nikki wasn't surprised that the Captain answered for her but kept whatever she felt off of her face. "Of course," she said quietly.

"Sorry Lieutenant," Abigail cast a fatigued smile at Nikki. "If no one else has any questions find a space on the transporter..." she sighed and bit her bottom lip momentarily. "Stay safe and good luck."

Nikki nodded, because that's what you did when it was your commanding officer, and stepped up onto a transporter pad. Yet another way of the universe telling her that she really needed to push her permanent assignment. She let it all slide away and focused on the moment and the job at hand. No matter the opinion held by the crew, she was good at her job and more importantly, she was ready.

Ben went over to the transporter pads, he was a little nervous it wasn't often he got to go onto alien vessels, and unknown ones were a even rarer occasion.

"Captain," Will said, getting up onto the transporter pad, "I'll also see about regularly sending back data from my tricorder scans. Lt. Tamarack will be monitoring, and has instructions to immediately inform you of anything that seems to stand out."

Alexis nodded at that one as well, "I'm going with the Bridge team, I doubt we'll have a chance to swing by their science area even if we could figure out where it is, so I'm going to try to identify if they have a station up there?"

Rogers was one of the last to step up on the pad. "I hate this part." he murmured quietly to himself.

Apparently the last of the away team to arrive, Calvin stepped through the doors of the transporter room and directly up to the transporter pad to an empty spot. He checked himself quickly to ensure he had his medical supplies, sidearm, and tricorder. He glanced over at the Captain, "All is well," he stated simply referring to the Ts'Usugi.

Abigail nodded slightly. "Thank you," she offered quietly before turning to the operational officer. "Initiate transport when ready."


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