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Wakey Wakey

Posted on Fri Feb 14th, 2020 @ 7:56pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Calvin Morgan

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Medical


A grumble, a groan, a shift, a mumble. Someone was coming round. Unfamiliar ceiling, not the room he passed out in. Where was... oh, this was sickbay. At least, the Federation version of it. There was a weight, a weakness in... oh, that was Shaille. A welcome sight. He'd be up and moving without that familiar weight on him. Also, he had trouble moving his arms. And legs.

"Hello...?" he whispered, not wanting to wake Shaille, and not wanting to be much of a bother. Also, not wanting to potentially wake his neighbors, Ichiko and Callisi. So, he just whispered.

Calvin appeared with a stealthiness only a medical provider possesses, ruined only by the noise of the shielding he stepped through. He walked up next to Koh, smiling with genuine empathy, but with no concern behind his eyes. After checking the vitals real quick, he leaned down to his level and whispered quietly, hoping not to bother the others who were sleeping.

"I'm sure this isn't news to you, but the radiation in this sector, you don't respond well. In fact a lot worse than originally suspected. All of you will be fine after some rest and a little medication, no worse for wear. But you're secluded to this room until we get out of Hell," Calvin said very quietly, knowing that even a murmur at this distance would be easily understood for a Ts'Usugi.

"Something... tipped me off." he offered with a smirk, speaking low and quiet. "We're not a danger to others, are we?" he asked, but his glance slid softly to Shaille resting near him. "I... I'd hate to think I could hurt her, even by accident."

Calvin shook his head. "No danger to anyone at all. The radiation left in your body was scrubbed out before being brought in here, and the radiation exposure in here is almost non existent. You'll feel a little sick in here until we get out of the sector and the ship gets scrubbed."

Ichiko was the next patient to stir, though her motions and grumbles were calmer, softer. She half-woke, noticing the world around her, and the doctor over by Koh. She'd wait, though she stirred in her bed from moment to moment, though she suffered in relative silence.

Glancing around to the stirring, Calvin moved to Ichiko's bed next. "How are you feeling?" He asked quietly, glancing at vitals before kneeling down to the bed height.

"Terrible." Ichiko replied groggy. "Everything hurt, there was a terrible warmth. I'm feeling better now, but I feel that 'terrible' is still the best word for it."

"Can you tell me what happened?"

"Yeah, some goofball thought going into a highly radiated sector was a smart idea," Calvin replied rolling his eyes. "Your physiology isn't capable of handling this radiation. I speculate the mixture of radiation, or one in particular in here isn't native to your part of the universe. Your bones, heck your entire physiology went haywire." Calvin tapped a few buttons on the bio bed controls. "You'll be back to about 95% normal while in here in no time. Once we are out of the sector and the ship is scrubbed, you'll be let out."

The sound of the voices slowly broke through the barriers between sleep and reality and Shaille stirred, first noticing the uncomfortable, almost painful twinge in her neck from her awkward position, and secondly the unfamiliar surroundings. Sitting upright, she ground her fists into her eyes before blinking slowly, her gaze fixing firmly on Koh. "You're awake," the happiness in her voice was clear despite the hushed tone of her whisper. "How are you feeling? Are you alright?" She ran her fingers along the edge of his ear before pressing her fingers against his head. "Is the pain better?" Her concern was clear from the near immediate barrage of questions.

Moving from Ichiko with a nod he went over to Shaille, stopping momentarily to check Callisi's vitals, which seemed to continue trend in an okay pattern. He rested his hand gently on her shoulder, kneeling down to get eye level with her. He smiled, his same smile of empathy without concern. "Koh will be okay," He said softly. "Some pain, isolation in here until out of Hell, but will make a full recovery."

Shaille nodded slightly and gave a faint smile. "Thank you," she said quietly, keeping her voice low so she wouldn't disturb anyone else. "I guess there are worse places to be spending time."

Koh turned his attention to Shaille, and gave her a soft smile. "Hey." he started. Far less wordy than his usual greetings, but he seemed at peace at the moment. The power of modern medicine.

"I already asked, I'm not a threat to you like this, so..." he just offered her a soft smile, leaning over slightly to try to softly press his forehead to her's. Instead, he simply wound up draping an ear over her head like a silly hat. This, brought a chuckle. "It's down to a low burn at the moment. Nothing as painful as it was back in your quarters."

Ichiko gave a nod over to the doctor as he made his rounds, "Thank you for your diligence in this matter, Doctor. Let me know if you need any gaps filled in with regards to the medical inquiries." she offered.

Calvin turned back to Ichiko and nodded. "Fortunately your database downloads into the medical library have proven to be quite informative. However I will not hesitate to ask any questions if I come up with any," He said quietly with a smile.

Callisi started to stir, groaning as she came around from the sedatives.

Calvin made rounds to his last patient. He watched the vitals and frowned ever so slightly, ordering a subtle change in the medications. He kneeled down once again, checking off any need to do squats today in the back of his mind. He waited patiently for Callisi to work off the sedatives.

Through it all, the prosthetic optic under that eyepatch lit up a soft blue spot where the iris would be. "Gimme a min.." she slurred, slowly coming to. Sleeping with one eye open, as it were. Her first instinct upon waking was to bring a hand up to her eyepatch, but she stopped midway when her brain caught up to the moment, and the feed from the artificial eye.

"Sorry. I hate it." she muttered, "Feels like the ship landed on me. What happened?"

"Sector's radiation doesn't meld well with children of Ts'usu." Koh saved the doctor the trauma of explaining it a third time. The explanation seemed to satisfy Callisi. "Any long term effects?" she asked. "I wouldn't mind having kids one day."

Calvin nodded at Koh as he stood up and took a step back. Seeing as the room was now entirely awake, which he knew was partly to him entering, he saw no reason to whisper anymore. "I can't make promises, as this sector's radiation isn't well researched, and there isn't a single shred of literature on this radiation from your side of the universe. However the radiation affected your bone structure, which intriguingly while creating your support structure helps regulate some of the hormones..." Calvin stopped his excited explanation, sighed realizing the monologue that was about to ensue.. "Short answer no. We'll do plenty of follow up physicals and track everything for a while to ensure we didn't miss anything, but I do not see anything at the moment to worry about, long term or kid wise."

His mind still going, he added, "Though you three and I are going to be the foundational work of some great papers on this radiation." He said with a smile.

Shaille offered Callisi a faint smile, moving her hand to entwine her fingers with Koh's, resting her head against the end of the bio bed again. "Maybe you should reserve a bio bed," she joked quietly. "If you're gonna be here that much, you may as well have a bed to call your own."

Callisi gave a nod, "Well, wouldn't be the first time I was in a medical journal." she confessed, shaking her head ever so slightly.

Ichiko was the next to speak, "If there's anyone in this ship that understands the importance of not making promises you can't keep, it's the three of us. We appreciate your diligence in this matter Doctor. We have every faith in you."

Koh was simply content to relax with Shaille beside him. The others had already said everything that needed saying.

Calvin nodded. "Let me know if any of you need something. I'll let you know as soon as we are out of Hell and the ship has been scrubbed."


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