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Posted on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 11:33am by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Nikki St. John & Lieutenant Alexis Aenera & Commander Ichiko Gail

Mission: Dead Moon


Nikki was tired, not physically tired, but more mentally weary. The job was stressful and in truth, she looked forward to getting an assignment where she wasn't evaluating a crew that had been through what his one had been through. As she walked to the Holodeck, keeping her game face on by force of will, she resisted the urge to run. The bath house or in her mind, THE BATH HOUSE, had been a gift from a friend and one she treasured. It was her oasis. It was the one place where she could just ... be ... and that mattered. On this ship more than ever before which was why the queue forming in front of the holodeck doors took her so completely by surprise. She slowed to a stop and counted to five before she trusted herself to speak or beg. She wasn't above begging when it came to her bathroom time. "I thought," she said quietly, "that I was scheduled for this holodeck."

Alexis glared at the newcomer for a couple seconds, then back at others that were gathered at the doors, "That's what *I* was just saying! I had the holodeck reserved for the beach so I could catch up on my tanning." She waved the towel in her right hand and the bulging beach bag in the other as she whined, then sighed, "I suppose that we'll have to figure something out, won't we?"

Lucy chuckled to herself. "Looks like someone messed up with the bookings, 'cause I was booked in here to, for a relaxing swim." She answered, motioning to the swim bag she'd bought with her. "Guess that's not gonna happen now...anyone here to do something we can all join in on?" She asked hopefully.

Nikki sighed softly. "Look, I have this program a friend made for me. It had been a difficult mission and well, I call it THE BATH HOUSE but it's more of a ... fantasy spa? I've used it every night since and," she sighed again, this time accompanied by a soft smile, "oh, it's the perfect end to a day, you know? Sooo much better than a sonic shower. Anyway, it's not the beach but it is a one of a kind experience."

Lucy nodded. The fantasy spa did sound good, even if it wasn’t swimming. it was still in the water, so she had everything she’d need for the spa. “Well, I’m in.” She replied simply, with a smile. She looked around to see the others reactions.

A familiar figure came down the hall, carrying a small bag with her of various fluff and pamperment supplies. Some even had labels in Federation Standard. "Afternoon." Ichiko commented, "Is there something I can help you all with? I distinctly recall this being some time I logged in for ..." she checked the readout, and saw the conflict. "Hmmmm... I'll have to have a chat with Ops once I'm done here. So, we have a problem here, and I assume that someone has come up with a solution. Let's hear it." her tone was expectant, but nothing unpleasant. This was an opportunity, and she wanted to see what she had missed by showing up to her appointment on time.

"Maybe its better if I just show you," Nikki said. "Computer run THE BATH HOUSE, full package variation for four." After a moment, the doors opened onto warm and inviting room. The color scheme, grays and white with pops of blues and greens, and warm wood accents was carried throughout and the soft sounds of classical music from every Federation world played in the background. The lighting was softened by bunches of fat candles and everywhere one looked, there were small touches. Clusters of plants and watercolor artworks that invited contemplation. The first room had four dressing areas and a center console where choices could be made. "It started out was a place where I could take a bubble bath. Two weeks later, there was wine and music and a bath attendant named Henry." She smiled, wrapped for the moment in fond memories, "And there would be just be additions that would pop up from time to time. Private masseuse, steam, hot tub, swimming pool, manicure, pedicure, hair ... you name it, it's here."

Abigail stepped through the doors of the holodeck, her shoulders visibly dropping as she saw the program running and the rest of the group standing there. The only thing she wanted was some quiet alone time to contemplate. "Am I missing something?" she asked quietly. "The computer told me the holodeck was free so I had it blocked out."

Ichiko offered Abigail the slightest hint of a smile as she stepped in to join them. "Apparently, there's an error with the simulator database. Possibly an issue born from the glitch in the system from updating the sensors from our previous mission." a pause, "I'll speak with Ops about it, but at the meantime..." she held her hand out towards Abigail, "... there's more than enough bath house to get lost in."

Alexis didn't wait for the rest of the ladies before breaking off to the left and where there were cubbyholes obviously intended for people to put their possessions before getting down to the serious business of relaxing. She tucked her beach bag into one of them before stripping off her loose outer clothing, revealing the bikini she was wearing underneath, then wrapped her towel around her waist, "I suppose the question is what to do first, isn't it?"

Ichiko excused herself to one of the side rooms to get changed. It took a bit longer than expected but eventually the rabbitess joined the others. A two piece sleek black bikini graced her form, with a black fluffy towel draped across her arm. "Cultural differences, apologies. I had to replicate something to wear."

Nikki frowned. "My apologies," she said, shaking her head slightly. "I'll make a note of that. Its supposed to take that sort of thing into consideration. Anyways, there are robes in all the areas and ... uh ... I was thinking how about we start with a massage? The tables are through there on the right and you can pick your own masseuse. There's a menu." She shrugged slightly but then unrepentant grin on her face told a different tale. "If you'll excuse me for a second, I'll get changed."

She headed into her alcove and stripped away her clothing. Over her years in Starfleet, the act had meaning well beyond a change of clothes. She was putting aside the job, the work, and the responsibility, the weight it carried with it, as he removed each piece. When she was done and her hair hung long and loose, she found a floor length robe that was made of a material that seemed soft and floaty because she did like a bit of slink, truth be told. Barefoot and ready, she stepped out and gestured toward the doorway. "Shall we begin?"

"No worries, Lieutenant. There's a thousand cultures out there, each different on their vision of attire for the bath houses and massage parlors. You cannot possibly accommodate them all and keep everyone comfortable." a smirk from the rabbitess, "A massage menu, you say? Now you have my attention." Ichiko had a smirk as she walked into the parlor.

Though her initial reaction had been to leave the holodeck immediately and leave the crew enjoy themselves, the presence of Ichiko was definitely reassuring, and the idea of a massage was simply just too good to pass up.

Following the example set by the others, Abigail headed into one of the cubicles, leaving her belongings in there and changing into a newly replicated two piece suit and adding a robe to cover up before returning to the others. "I assume you've used this program before Lieutenant?" Abigail said, turning toward Nikki. "Any recommendations for a good masseuse?"

Unlike the others, Nikki was naked beneath her robe but that was just being practical. She stepped closer to the ship's first officer and leaned over the menu, tendrils of long, straight hair falling forward in a partial screen; she hooked the wayward strands behind her ear and nodded. "Vincent," she purred. "His hands are magical." She pointed to a Risian male, lean and well-muscled, with tousled blonde hair falling forward over blue eyes that sparkled with merriment. "He has this way of drawing out the tension ... from your body and your ... mind. It's an experience. No question."

Lexi paged down the ‘menu’, not looking at what was offered as for who was being offered. It took her twice through the list before she found the right one, a blonde, sculpted male that looked just about good enough to eat and selected him, “Gerald, anything he specializes in?” She asked with a sly smile to Nikki.

"Good choice," Nikki said with an approving smile. "Shiatsu for one and he does this thing with small heated stones ... really ... really ... good."

Ichiko gave a smirk, "The best massage I ever had was at the skilled hands of Psi Thirty Six. I attended that spa for, oh it doesn't matter how long..."

One year, three months, three weeks...

"... and that service drone knew every strand of fur I had." she smirked, recalling the memory pleasantly. She then scrolled along the menu, choosing a massage therapist based more on their know how than their physique. "Sorry ladies, but I prefer a man who knows what he's doing, rather than one that just looks good. Besides, they're all mostly Risian. Not a good pair of ears on any of them." she teased, before making a selection. No real regard to physique, build, sculpt, or hue. Though he had a list of accreditations and specialties as long as his... arm.

"Diego. I look forward to being impressed." the rabbitess called out as her attendant indicated which room was to be hers.

Abigail had no idea how much time had passed, it may have only been an hour, it may have been many hours. Slowly, a relaxed smile on her face, she meandered back to the central room where they had all begun. The long, deep tissue massage with strong hands working even the most recalcitrant of knots out of her muscles, the hot stones, the manicure and pedicure, the facial, even a gloriously hot bath that had been scented with essential oils. She felt refreshed, there was no other way to describe it. Calm and refreshed.

As she always did, Nikki's hand touched the small stone statue, barely noticeable on a shelf with other such ornaments, and remembered the force of nature that had been Addison. The bath attendants had been his idea because 'eye candy' as he described them was part of the experience. Best friend and confidante, they'd shared views on men and arguments on fashion and politics and movies and well, just about everything. Addison had strong opinions, often in opposition just for the fun of it, and his death had been a loss she hadn't quite filled. Still, she had his bath house and her memories. Her attendant was Damian and that too, had been Addison's gift. Damian never spoke but he knew how to draw out the tension and stress of her day to day. He understood because Addison had understood. From the massage, Nikki went straight to the bath. Warm and scented with fragrances that Damian added and that was Addison too. There was nothing for her to think about, nothing for her to do, other than be in the moment. And that was how she liked it best. The bath was accented by bunches of fat candles and instrumental music; when she was finished, Damian waited with thick, soft towels. He dried her hair and led her to the outer chamber where she applied moisturizer and dressed, in a clean, immaculate uniform.

Ichiko sat next to the others in the central room, lounging in a comfy chair with her broad feet kicked up in a relaxed, very casual posture. She offered a sideways smirk towards Abigail. "Second best." she offered as a consolation. "We have to arrange a shore leave to a Dalacar holding. They know relaxation."

"Second, best?" Alexis stretched from within her fluffy bathrobe, having added her swimsuit to her things after she'd come back through the door, "So going to have to try it then, but..." Her eyes went over to Nikki, "Is there any way I can steal this program from you, or at least borrow it from time to time?"

"There's an allied species back home named the Dalacari. They depend on drones for just about everything, and they're all networked together. They learn. They learn your preferences, your tactics, your hopes and dreams. They... Learn..." she paused, "There's one that's always assigned to me whenever I attend a spa or resort. Designate Psi Thirty Six. Gentle when necessary, firm when needed. That drone's entire world is tailored to my needs." a smirk, "So yes, second best." she stretched a bit, from her ear tips to her broad paws.

"A close second though."

Almost imperceptibly, Nikki stiffened at the casual request and then remembered. Bless him, Addison had prepared for this eventuality as well. "This one is mine," she said, "but there's another one, Addison's Bath House, that I'll leave for everyone's enjoyment. Will that work?"

"I have a suggestion," Abigail said with a smile. "Why don't we switch this program out for another. It seems no one else is clamoring for the holodeck right now, anyone fancy a glass of wine up in the mountains?"

"Now that," Nikki said, "sounds just about perfect."

"I have to agree." Ichiko said to the group, before narrowing her view of the conversation to just Abigail, "This all just furthers, I really need to get in touch with home. So many wines, so many mountains."

Lucy had been lounging in the Jacuzzi when the change was mentioned. "I don't do wine, but if Gin's on offer i'll definitely take that instead." She answered, pulling herself out of the Jacuzzi, and heading for the changing rooms to change back into her normal clothes. A few moments later she reappeared in a t-shirt, jumper and jeans.

Abigail smiled warmly, enjoying the new found sense of camaraderie between the group. "Computer, change program," she ordered. "Play program Laurens Delta Seven Tango."


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