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Destined To Interfere

Posted on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 2:12pm by Lieutenant Commander William Rogers

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Flight Control Chief's Office


The woman on the view-screen folded her hands and placed them on the desk in front of her. "I'm sorry but I can't authorise the release of the sensor logs for that mission." She spoke with disinterested finality.

Buck all but rolled his eyes. "Don't give me that, Jeannine. I'm only asking for sensor logs and related medical advisory on events that are a settled part of my timeline. I won't even be looking over the data myself! My Predestination Protocol doesn't apply here."

"I'll remind you that I'm Captain DeLuca now, Lt Rogers." The facade of disinterest cracked slightly. "I'm fully aware of the requirements of the Protocol. If we released information to you that didn't related to a potential predestination event in your future you'd be able to work out what that event by deduction."

The flight control officer shook his head. "We both know I'm not smart enough to do that."

"I'm not willing to stake the integrity of the space time continuum on your primitive intellect, William."

"Bite me." Buck muttered under his breath.

There was the slight raise of eyebrows. "Did you say something, Lt? I didn't quite catch that."

"No Ma'am." He replied leaning back in his chair. "Thinking aloud. It's just Starfleet Command are real keen on us to retrieve this ship, or whatever it is. Bend the rules to help a little here and maybe they'll be more accommodating next time one of their lot goes the full Captain Kirk."

Captain Deluca lowered her eyes to the desk and was quiet for a moment - something Buck recognised as a tell that she was giving serious thought to the suggestion. "I'd forgotten how devious you can be Rogers."

"So is that a yes?"

"It's an 'I'll look into it.'"

Buck smiled. "Thanks, Cap. Good to talk to you."


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