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A Grand Beginning

Posted on Wed Apr 14th, 2021 @ 1:55pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan

Mission: Pathstone to History


Abigail stood in the halls of the Dalacari facility. Though they had yet to actually enjoy the scenery on the planet, she could see the stunning landscapes through the windows beyond. It looked every iota the paradise that it promised to be, and maybe if this went well they would be able to experience it first hand. She reached up, smoothing nonexistant stray hairs back into place, patting the braids that were carefully pinned. Everything about her appearance screamed formality, right down to her formal rank pips adorning her collar. She sighed as she watched the foliage sway in the breeze outside, tugging the collar of her white uniform, murmuring under her breath. "Imperial Fleetmaster Daisan Goki. Diplomatic Liaison Kressa Cetri." Another tug. The longer she waited, the more she felt like the collar was choking her. "Imperial Fleetmaster Daisan Goki. Diplomatic Liaison Kressa Cetri," she murmured again, turning to cast a glance over the rest of her team, eyes darting quickly as she moved from body to body, double checking uniforms and boots.

No, she wasn't nervous, not at all.

Ichiko kept making tiny little adjustments to her own dress uniform. A tug here, a smoothing here. She brushed her hair out of her eyes, she gave her ears a twitch. Everything was made to be perfect, or functionally perfect. Even though she recalled perfectly fixing her collar, she fixed it again. She was about to fix it again when the door started to shift. The doors parted, and the next contestant in the game of diplomacy came through.

He was shorter than expected. Maybe around five foot nine minus the ears. Black fur, green eyes that held no shine to them whatsoever, and dressed in a crisp dark uniform with a lighter hexagon pattern. To his side was a woman dressed far more casually than the situation seemed to warrant, which most likely meant she was not to be involved in the talks. Soft grey fur, and blue eyes that would dazzle if Ts'usugi eyes shared the shine of light. Though the first words of diplomacy, the first words of friendship from the gulf of space were not a greeting, but more of a babble.

In his arms he held a small bundle, a young infant maybe of around almost a year, babbling in his arms. The grand Admiral of the Ts'usu fleet had a soft smile on his face as he turned his attention, and that of his child, towards the guests from Starfleet. The youngster let out a coo and a babble, and clapped in a way that only someone still gaining motor control could really muster.

"I wanted to introduce him to the future." the father figure finally spoke up. "I'm Fleetmaster Diasan Goki, and this is my Ship Second, Toba." he said with a smirk. Obviously in humor, "This is my wife, Juuri. She doesn't know much Terran Standard to hold a conversation, so please don't take her silence as rude." he made Toba wave goodbye, then handed him off to his wife. They shared a brief, hushed conversation before Toba was handed over gently, and Juuri left to enjoy some time on Dalacar.

Goki, however, remained behind. To everyone, he gave a simple nod before he joined Abigail by the window. "I knew, from the moment your Voyager made her trek home, your people and mine would be standing here."

"Fleetmaster Goki," Abigail responded with a slight incline of her head as he moved to stand next to her. "Your presence here both honours and humbles us. I am Captain Abigail Laurens, and this," she turned slightly, holding her hand toward Ichiko. "Is my First Officer, Shirei Gail Ichiko."

The rabbitess gave a nod and snapped to attention at her mention. Different fleets, but respect was universal. "Sir." she offered, in Terran standard. To that he smirked, and gave a nod. "Captain Laurens, you've a Daughter of Ts'usu in your seniority. I'm impressed."

"If you permit, Fleetmaster, I would like to introduce my other crew members, Lieutenant Commander Rogers, our flight control officer, Lieutenant Commander Gunnison, our senior Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Morgan, our Chief Medical Officer, and Lieutenant Matashi, one of our senior Security Officers."

"Sir." Buck saluted when his name was called. The medals pinned to his chest, an accommodation to the uniform code granted to reflect his service in one of Starfleet's ancestors, clatter slightly at the motion.

“Sir,” Calvin responded, nodding his head and body slightly in deference in introduction to the Fleetmaster. His uniform almost looking straight out of the packaging it was so fresh. The white looking almost natural on his body because of his lab coats.

Will said, "Sir," and nodded when introduced. He wondered a bit why he was here. He was not really the diplomatic type. His relatively new-looking dress uniform was a testament to that. He struggled to remember the last time he'd even put the thing on.

To each, the fleetmaster gave a nod. "A fine crew, if this is but a sample. Decorated, dedicated, diverse. Everything I've come to expect from what I've heard of the Federation, but seeing it here before me puts me at ease." Goki stated, "I believe I saw your ship docked out there, she's a fine vessel indeed. We held a discussion before I disembarked as to what the crew thought it looked most like. Most thought it looked like a spear. Others saw a spoon." he snickered.

"So, are you a weapon against your enemies, or a utensil to feed those in need?" he asked with a smirk.

Buck's eyes darted from the fleetmaster to captain Laurens, uncertain if the question was directed at the Astraea's officers or her commander. He recalled the advice he'd been given by Lt Tran. "I think we'd all prefer it if we were the utensil, sir."

Abigail smiled and nodded toward Buck. "Indeed," she said softly. "We have teeth, but much like the Dalacari, we prefer not to show them. A soft smile and a hand of friendship I find is usually much more beneficial to everyone than war and weapons fire."

Goki smiled, and then... he laughed. A good, full, honest laugh. "Mouth full of knives, really." he commented, before composing himself. From Abigail, to Buck, the fleetmaster's glance fell. The mirth of the moment never left, though. The proverbial ice had been broken. "But, I can't help but agree on your stance. Did you know... and I'm probably saying more than I should about logistics, but my flagship is one of five. The Empire limits the fleet to just five DaiKyaria class ships in the Ts'usugi fleet, and I made sure to have one. And the reason is, well, so no one else has it."

"The Infinite Horizon is a weapon. A carrier over a thousand meters long. She blocks out the sun if you orbit her just right. To anyone else, she'd be a weapon. To me, well, I like to keep the sun out of my eye." he said with a nod, "I like the concept of using a starship as an engine for peace. To help."

The rest of his concept was broken off by the sound of the doors to the chamber opening. Behind them stood Overseer Kepli, the twin forms that comprised the complete Dalacari and overseer of the facility. Along with a trio of station security drones. "Apologies for the delay. If you all would come with me, the meeting room on Abeesi has been prepared and Ambassador Pagin should be on planet soon and will meet you there. If you would..."

"... all follow me, we can begin this momentous occasion."

Goki gave a nod to the overseer, then turned to the Astraea crew, "Shall we?"

With a smile and a nod. "Of course." Stepping up next to Goki, they followed along behind Kepli. She rubbed her hands lightly across her hips before clasping them behind her back. Now that they were moving toward the beginning of the negotiations, she could feel the nerves well and truly starting to kick in.

Buck fell in line with the procession. "So far so good." He muttered, nudging Calvin with his elbow.

"Fancy fancy," Calvin muttered back, following suit after Buck.

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The trip from the observation lounge to the transmat station was quick, and the trip from the station down to the planet below even faster. The diplomatic party arrived at a cottage of sorts, a simple building on a beach with light blue sand and gentle little waves rolling along the shore. The breeze off the water made the temperature a lot more comfortable then it had any right to be. There was a gazebo set up near the cottage, where a Dalacari was waiting. Complete, she stood beside herself as any full Dalacari would, wearing a diplomat's uniform across each form. "I'm sorry about the wait. I was initially thinking of hosting the procession inside but then the weather report came in for the..."

"... next few hours and it was just so perfect I figured no one would mind if we moved outside. I had to fabricate the gazebo but I think..."

"... everything turned out alright. We're all wearing our very best, but if you want to undo that top button, please feel free." she continued. "I'd rather everyone..."

"... be comfortable that be pretty. My name is Alia Vass, I'm the diplomat assigned to these talks and I'm very honored to meet you all."

At the offer to undo the top button, Goki looked up and did exactly that. Relieved, he breathed in the breath of a freed man.

Buck scanned the area, enhanced eyes picking out details, cautiously seeking signs of trouble. Although slightly uncomfortable he refrained from following Goki's example and kept the top button of his dress uniform fastened: the better to remember what he was here for.

Calvin happily unbuttoned the top two buttons, finding formal wear more distasteful than his regular uniform, which he rarely wore correctly as it was.

Will had also decided to leave his uniform fully buttoned. To do otherwise he thought really kind of defeated the purpose of dress uniforms in the first place (and besides, his neck was the same size it was when he was in the Academy, so there wasn't like there was anny problem with the fit).

Abigail nodded toward Alia and moved toward a seat. The Dalacari diplomat was correct, the weather was indeed perfection. She found herself wondering if they used a weathernet or if the weather was naturally so perfect. Instead of asking, she offered a smile as the rest of her team assumed seats under the gazebo. "Shall we get started? I am sure you have much more enjoyable things to be doing on such a gorgeous day."


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