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The Dalacari Way of Life

Posted on Wed Apr 14th, 2021 @ 1:55pm by Ashe Zachariah & Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Linza (Lin) Esni & Lon Nren & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Alexis Aenera & Ensign Jaimie Nolan & Lieutenant JG Alistair Fletcher

Mission: Pathstone to History


Security was something the Dalacari took very seriously, as such, there was no ability to transport directly to the planet. Instead, the crew of the Astraea, at least those that were not directly involved in the negotiations were escorted through the Dalacari station to the transmat center to be transported to the surface. As directed, they took their allocated places before the supervising Dalacari to give the order.


:: Awaiting ::

"Please transmat our guests to Visitor's Center Twelve." the Dalacari requested, and the voice returned.

:: Acknowledged ::

And with that, the crew of the Astraea were bathed in twists of light. When the light faded, they were no longer on the station. Soft sun, actual wind, brick stonework roads, quaint buildings no larger than two stories. The scent of food, the sound of actual people, even the subtle whir of drone actuators.

That first breath of air of an alien world. The scents, the sounds, the sights... They were on Dalacar. More specifically, Visitor Center 12. An open roof structure with wide archways and a small fountain in the center plaza. Various native Dalacari roamed the open plaza, and as the Astraea crew appeared, they stopped and watched. And as they finished their digital trip, they smiled and waved. Some spoke a greeting that didn't translate from the native Dalacarin. Others spoke a modrim of Federation standard, and greeted them appropriate.

"Greetings." called over one of the natives who was present in the visitor center, wearing a uniform on both of his forms. "And welcome to Dalacar. My name is Gora, I'm one of the greeters here on staff. There's just one final piece of business to attend to, and then you can begin to explore and enjoy..."

"... our wonderful world." one of Gora's forms held out a case of some form, and opened it to reveal what looked like white bracelets. Thin, flexible strips of some form of metal. "Dalacar's currency is electronic. This will help with any transactions, as well as storing medical information scanned on your transmat down..."

"... to the surface. The information is encrypted with a cypher that changes hourly, so it's quite secure." he assured.

Taking her bracelet in turn, Ashe turned away from Gora and cast a glance around, taking in the amazing scene surrounding them. It really was unlike anything she had ever seen before, and all the smells... it was bordering on sensory overload. The food, the plants, the fresh, non recycled inside a starship air, the feel of the breeze against her face.

Linza took her bracelet and put it on before really looking at it. This was an interesting place, and everything was setup in a way she'd never seen, at least with the transactions. However, she gave Gora a smile. "Thank you."

"Oh you're most welcome. Now, you've all been granted a small advance, just to make sure that if you see something you absolutely have to take home with you, you can. Beverage and food service..."

"... are complementary, so truly enjoy yourselves. The bracelet can update you on your balance, and it works by stimulating the bones in your wrist to transmit audio. No one can hear..."

"... your balance but you. You've all been given Guest status, so any drone on the street will be more than willing to assist you at any turn. All you have to do it ask."

It was around that point that a poster or two really started to make a lot more sense. In one, a lone drone with a broom was sweeping the street in a cityscape. To the side, along the edge, were the words: Worker, Farmer, Helper, Doctor, Cleaner, Driver, Pilot, Surgeon, Soldier. At the very bottom of the poster was the simple phrase, "They're here to help."

There were many posters just like it in theme. A drone, a task, a mission.

"After all, they're here to help."

Jaimie put on the bracelet, admiring the weird new technology on her wrist before looking around with no systematic approach. So many new things going on around her. “Are there,” she paused, “Where to even start?”

Evelyn looked over the bracelet closely before she put it on and brushed her sleeve end over it as if it belonged there, "The sky's the limit, if everything I heard is right." She said quietly, "I'd met Dalacari before, but never visited one of their worlds before now."

Alexis had instantly put the bracelet on and inspected it with her other bracelets, then removed it before trying it on the other hand and gave a moue of disappointment when it didn't seem to go along with her other accoutrements, "I know shopping is where I plan to go, haven't really gotten much done since..." She shook her head, "Gotta get some new clothes!"

Gora gave a pair of smiles, "Then you're in luck. When visitors shop on Dalacar, everything is buy one get one." he chuckled, having practiced that joke a number of times. "There are map kiosks every few blocks, and give the system..."

"... a few hours and it'll be able to make suggestions. Head right out and you'll find a number of shoppes right here. Visitor centers seem to attract stores, couldn't tell you why." he chuckled again, before his focus shifted, "But I can lead you in the direction of anything specific if you're looking for that special something."

Ashe looked at Evelyn and Linza. "Well, where should we start?" she asked, her voice tinged with excitement. "Food or shopping?"

"Food," Jaimie replied sheepishly, "If you don't mind me joining you guys."

Linza raised an eyebrow, not expecting anyone to want to go along with her. But, she supposed it could be nice to have some company. "I don't mind eating if we can find something. But, I think we all need some new clothes, not that I had many to begin with when I joined the crew."

"Food." Evelyn decided quickly, but hadn't gotten it out quite quickly enough.

Alexis reached out and snagged Linza's arm in a friendly manner, "You can always come with me and we can catch up with the rest of them after we pick up something that looks good?"

Lin couldn't help but laugh. "Oh I suppose so. Come on," she said looking over at Evelyn. "Food it is."

<< Tags >>

Walking out of the visitor reception center, Dalacar was a bustling place. Even this villa set aside for visitors was a sprawl, and with good reason. Dalacari needed their space. On the sidewalks around the parlor everyone waved hello as they passed by, even the kids waved. And dotting the landscape were drones. A dozen just from this vantage point, and that was just on the ground level. Sweeping the streets, sweeping the sidewalks, driving the vehicles, everywhere there was a menial task that no one wanted, everywhere that there was a task that was just too dangerous to be done by Dalacari hands there was a drone.

And of course, there were drones on every corner, helping guide members of society and their guests. Up overhead, traffic monitors regulated traffic flow to ensure no delays, while higher up, personal shuttles brought families from home to vacation spot, and home again. All drones.

The weather was sunny with a gentle breeze, though a poll was currently active on all trending media as to when during a week a gentle rain would be pleasant. Apparently, three days from now was trending. The temperature wasn't slated to drop below seventy for the next two weeks. Perfect beach weather, the forecast called for.

Local bars and lunch spots were all over local media. What's hot in fashion this hour apparently was green shirts. New fashion on demand... Dalacari really were addicted to the concept of the trend.

Commerce on Dalacar was of great interest to Lon. Particularly in the areas of food and drink. He had made a point to try and sample whatever he could.

From what Lon could see, commerce was just as simplified and relaxed as everything Dalacar seemed to offer. A customer in a shop wanted to buy a plush of some sort. After being assisted by the shop staff, the plush in question was brought up to the register. Cheerful smiles exchanged by all four bodies present, a price was declared, and the customer simply pressed a thumb against a panel to finalize the transaction. They even denied the services of a courier drone, stating that they'd be alright carrying it themselves.

The plush was boxed and sealed, and the transaction was complete. Simple, efficient, and seemingly entirely electronic in the sake of currency. Though, the Dalacari didn't have any bracelet like the guests from the Astraea had.

Following the group, Jaimie's eyes moved from place to place, trying to take in all of the sites. Drones moved in systematic patterns, always avoiding any lifeforms as to not interrupt what they were doing. Everyone seemed so, content to her. "It's amazing," She muttered.

As they looked, their presence seemed to catch the attention of a drone sweeping the sidewalk, who paused in its duties to make conversation.

:: Greetings guests. Designate Theta Forty Seven at your service. Welcome to Dalacar. Is there anything you need assistance in locating at the moment? ::

It had a synthetic voice, but a pleasant one. Its singular optic light dimmed in response to each word, and its motions felt natural and smooth. Simulacrum indeed. Ichiko's briefing really wasn't kidding: They were everywhere.

"What do you think?" Ashe asked, looking around the small group. "Food first?"

Evelyn nodded slowly, "Yeah..." Then turned to the drone. While it was the first time she'd actually dealt with a Dalacari drone, she'd also had some experience with Dalacari, albeit brief, "Theta Forty Seven, we're looking for sustenance. Do you have any suggestions for a good restaurant?"

Lin smiled, "I am curious what kind of food they will have to offer."

The drone's body language simulated excitement over a task, :: Of course. There are two restaurants and a cafe within walking distance, and while the Scheduled Sunrise cafe tends more for first meal accommodations, the owner's recent experiment of Breakfast for Dinner seems to be trending well. The two restaurants each cater to a different appeal, and while the Sargatto Grill boasts a greater food selection and higher quality ingredients, the Skyward Eye Tavern has a more robust cocktail menu and features television and other broadcasts intercepted from deep space. The Sargatto Grill features a classic return to form with a stone construction, while the Skyward Eye has a more futurist approach to architecture. Reservations for your party can be made at your request. ::

"Cocktails," Jaimie murmured after the drone, in agreement of the idea.

Ashe looked at Jaimie and grinned. "I agree, whole heartedly! Can you give us directions to Skyward Eye please?" she asked the drone without waiting for the others to agree or not.

:: Certainly. You want to begin by walking through that arch there, mindful of the street, and then turn to your left. :: the drone motioned in a direction as well, just to make sure left was a universal concept.

:: The establishment has a sign with an eye inside of an old style radio dish, a parabolic form like a wide bowl. It shouldn't take you longer than four minutes to reach it at casual pacing. If you get lost or misplaced, simply ask for assistance. :: it paused for a moment, :: Do you need these directions repeated, or is there anything else to assist with at the moment? ::

"I think we've got it, thank you for the directions." Linza looked over at the others. "And I do agree on the cocktails."

Jaimie smiled, with a little less sheepishness than her original suggestion. "Let's go then."


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