Lon Nren

Name Lon Nren

Position Bar Tender


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 193LBS
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Lon is a tall, slender Betazoid man. His skin is a light olive tone indicative of his origins on the coast of the Opal Sea, South of the Holy City of Rixx.

His features are straight and sharp. His black irised eyes are pointedly Betazoid.


Father Tobi Nren(Adoptive Father)
Mother Eliisia Nren(Adoptive Mother)
Sister(s) Ketarra Nren and Kelanna Nren(Adoptive Sisters)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lon is a fun-loving guy. He is described as passionate, and free spirited.

Often times, he can be seen a laxe, but he is quite the opposite. He has a fantastic work ethic, and is detail oriented.
Ambitions Lon hopes to live out his days travelling the galaxy. He hopes to explore the culture and traditions of species he encounters.

He hopes to eventually retire on Betazed, with a small fortune and notoriety to carry him to his end of days.
Hobbies & Interests Lon has a passion for plants. He has always enjoyed studying them. In his childhood, he was exposed to countless plant species in his family's locale by the Opal Sea.

He also enjoys cooking, and experimenting with new food from different cultures.

In his spare time, Lon enjoys spending time on the Holodeck. He enjoys programs of historical events.

Personal History Lon was born near the Betazoid capital of Rixx, and was given up for adoption immediately following his birth.

He spent his first year in a publicly funded orphanage, before being adopted by Tobi and Eliisia Nren. The couple was never able to conceive, so they adopted 3 orphaned children.

Lon was raised with twins Kettara and Kelanna (5 years his senior), is a middle class home by the Opal Sea on Betazed.

Tobi worked as the Head Chef for the Ral Family of the Fifth House of Betazed. He always enjoyed the job and allowed the children to go to work with him and help in the kitchen. Eliisia worked with a Couturier in Rixx. It is because of this that the children were always dressed immaculately and on the latest trend.

In his downtime, Lon liked exploring the jungle like atmosphere along the sea side. Lon's natural psionic abilities never full developed, due in part to his infant trauma, he has honed a very faint Empathic ability but even that is generously limited.

His Adoptive Parents were happy to be able to send Lon to the University of Betazed, when he studied history.

He enjoyed his time at the school, having made many good friends while there. He even met a boy with whom he bonded. This bond was unlike any other he had felt. It was a romantic feeling, one he could not deny. The boy, named Keltho, had eyes for another and so Lon's feeling went unrequited. This cause a bit of coldness to spring from Lon, and to his present day he remains weary of opening himself to others in that way.

Lon graduated the University and found no use for his degree. He decided to go to work with his father in the Kitchens of the Fifth House.

Although Lon enjoyed his work and the time it afforded him to spend with his family, he found himself longing for change.

After some discussion with his parents and some research on his own part, he signed a civilian contract with Starfleet to work in a lounge on a Starship.