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Shroud of Mystery Unveiled

Posted on Sun Mar 8th, 2020 @ 10:58am by Captain Abigail Laurens & Commander Ichiko Gail

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Sickbay


As she entered sickbay, Abigail made her way directly to the rear of the room, dismissing the nurse politely as she walked passed. She made her way directly to the isolation room that her three Ts'Usugi crew members were temporarily calling home and glanced across the three beds biting back a soft sigh, her gaze settling on Shaille momentarily. She needed to speak to Ichiko discreetly. Her first instinct had been to dismiss the off duty security officer, but realising that she was sleeping, she made the decision to not disturb them, instead approaching Ichiko's bio bed and pulling up a chair quietly, sinking down into it and leaning forward, gently touching her hand to Ichiko's arm to wake her.

There was something graceful about watching the daughter of Ts'usu come about from her sleep. Her eyes gently opened, ears twitching and perking as she looked over towards Abigail, and gave a soft smile.

"Sorry," Abigail offered quietly as the rabbitess started to rouse. "I wouldn't disturb you here like this if it weren't important."

"Forgiven." she said, softly. "But my door is always open. Even if it isn't my door." she said with a slightly more pronounced smirk. "What can I do for you?"

"How are you feeling?" Abigail asked quietly, her genuine concern evident in her voice. "I'm sorry, if I'd had any idea it would have affected you all so badly I would never have allowed you to go in."

Ichiko gave a nod, "You had no way of knowing, so you are not at all at fault. I forgive you, as will they." she glanced over at the slumbering forms of Koh and Callisi. "As to your question, I feel terrible, but it's getting better. Calvin is a credit to Starfleet medical."

She actually smirked, "These sedatives are nice. No dreams." she signed, relaxing and at peace. "How's the mission?"

Abigail sighed heavily before scooting forward on her seat. "That's why I'm here," she said, lowering her voice slightly. "Romulans are on an intercept course. I've recalled the away team... Intelligence is enroute, and everyone wants to get their hands on this vessel..." she paused, taking a deep breath. "Ichiko, it's Ts'Usugi."

That got Ichiko's attention.

So many questions flared into her mind. How. When. Why. Though none of those mattered. "Are the crew alright?" was her first question. The one that seemed to need an answer.

Abigail handed a PaDD over to her first officer. "This is some of the scans taken by the away team. I've ordered them scrubbed from the computer so this is the only copy of them right now," she said quietly. "There was no crew, no bodies, no signs of struggle or trauma, they're just... gone."

"Lost." Ichiko said while taking the PaDD. "The Da... Warp drive must have seriously malfunctioned in transit." Ichiko looked over the PaDD, then took a deep breath. "I have no right to ask this favor of you, but I must. The ship must be returned, or destroyed."

"What's on that ship cannot be allowed into hands outside the Empire. The thoughts and systems in that ship go against every direction the races in this quadrant travels in. It would take years to reverse engineer, form compatibility, and test. Whoever rendered the technology on that destroyer compatible would gain an advantage no other species would dream of. Simply because it isn't in your world view to think in that direction."

"I know," Abigail said quietly. "I..." she sighed softly. "I'll come up with something. Under Federation salvage laws, being unmanned means Starfleet can claim it, which I think is the intention of Intelligence. If I need to destroy the vessel I will. I don't know about your engineering technology, the ship has very little power right now, but if we have to destroy it, how bad will the fallout be? What kind of safe distance will we need?"

Ichiko was lost in thought for a moment. "Collapse the reactor." she cited. "Safe distance of six thousand kilometers. Exactly six thousand. Our ships don't blow up. They blow in. It'll collapse the whole of the ship. No fallout, no wreckage. Nothing left to exploit."

Nothing left to bury.

"Could I file a claim to it?" she asked Abigail. "I'd prefer we return it home." a pause. Abigail knew what was coming next. "If such a feat is too difficult, though, I understand."

"I..." Abigail faltered. "I don't know how we can. Intelligence wants the ship. I'm under orders, I have to hand it over..." She paused again, leaning forward, elbows on knees, index fingers steepled at her chin. "Let me deal with the Romulans first," she said quietly. "You should keep resting."

Ichiko put a hand on Abigail's arm. "I trust your judgment. I wouldn't stress this enough, but we guard our secrets. I cannot in good faith allow that ship to come into anyone's hands, but I know you'll do your best to keep that as true. I... I'm sorry you've been put in such a terrible position."

Ichiko was torn between the duty of the uniform she wore, the friendship to the captain she had forged, and her duty to her people and their way of life. How do you keep a secret you're under orders to break?

"One problem at a time. Unless the skirmish happens to damage Intel's prize."

"Let me take care of it, just rest," Abigail reiterated. "I'll do the best I can, you have my word on that." She glanced across the room as Shaille stirred slightly. "I'll keep you updated on what's happening, I promise."

"I accept you at your word." Ichiko responded. There was a bit of ceremony behind her tone. "No matter your choice, I stand with you. If you can help us, keep our secrets safe... Ts'usu will stand with you."


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