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Posted on Sun Mar 8th, 2020 @ 10:58am by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Warrant Officer Koh Ottasu

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Sickbay


The bio beds were definitely not as comfortable or spacious as the bed they shared in their quarters, but they made do. Shaille lay on her side, her head in Koh's shoulder, his arms around her as they talked quietly, deliberately keeping their voices as soft as possible to avoid disturbing either Callisi or Ichiko who were both resting again.

With a soft smile, she ran her fingertips along the length of his ear, and sighed softly. "Hopefully you'll be able to get out of here soon, now that we've cleared hell and all," she said softly. "But when this is all over, we should both take some shore leave, go find a nice black beach somewhere to curl up on, what do you think?"

He gave her a soft smile, "My blink dream." his ear twitched softly under her touch. "I'm looking forward to a slightly more comfortable bed. To be honest, you Federation folks have me spoiled. Soft beds, cushy carpets. I could do without the background noise but that's the price I pay for comfort."

"But, some time off would be nice. Are there really places with black beaches?" he asked, now genuinely curious if the places he saw in his blink dreams were actually real.

"There are," Shaille said with a smile, shifting slightly, trying not to put too much weight on his arm or his shoulder. "There's actually a few of them on Earth, some of them you can even swim in the water." She paused for a moment. "Ts'usugi ships are really quiet aren't they?" she asked, reflecting on the ship she had spent time on. "I guess I never considered the constant noise on a starship like this, it's normal to me. Just another difference between the vessels."

"We have sensitive ears. First thing we tend to fix are noise issues." he smirked. "I guess it just becomes a background sound. After a while, even I'll stop hearing it."

"Dalacari ships have a hum, but they find it comforting. So this way, if anything is wrong with the ship, it makes a different kind of hum." he offered. "It's weird. But I guess it works. Though, enough about that.... let's talk about beaches. Nice sandy beaches. Surf and sand. And me... scrubbing for an hour to get all the salt out." he smiled, leaning to look directly at her.

Shaille smiled as she looked back at him, meeting his gaze. "It's okay, I'll help get rid of the sand," she said, her voice taking on a teasing tone. Her hand trailed down his side, resting on his hip, fingertips brushing lightly overtop of his clothing. "Hey, remember that access code I had for the ship when we were coming back here? Would it still work?" she asked, trying to not sound overly curious or interested. "I mean for Ts'usugi communications and stuff?"

He gave a smirk, enjoying their closeness for the moment before he answered. "You mean the one that took you half an hour to get the system to acknowledge?" he recalled with a smirk. Her time trying to say the words to her access code was a fond, funny memory. It wasn't her fault the words were new to her, but she got the hang of it soon enough. "It should. Unless the shipmaster felt there was a significant need to cut your access, and you two seemed to be on good terms."

"Don't tease," she laughed softly, closing her eyes as she nestled into his shoulder. "So no beaches, where else could we go? What about somewhere with snow?"

He gave a smile, "I've seen snow once or twice. Absolutely lovely." he remembered. "I couldn't really enjoy it on one deployment, since the planet we were over was negative two thirty. Science station, middle of nowhere." he offered with a nod. "But, I'd love to enjoy the snow again."

"And, just to be fair, beaches are nice. Though the company I'd keep would be the most important part."

"I'm sure we'll come up with somewhere," Shaille said quietly. "When this is all over. Maybe we can find a nice Dalacari planet with an army of drones to wait on us hand and foot," she teased, knowing full well that she disliked the drones as much as she knew he did.

"Right..." he chuckled, a cough breaking out mid-snicker, before putting on his best, worst imitation of a Dalacari drone, "Is there anything you need. What would you like. There are thirty eight water fountains within a ten minute walk from this location. Please enjoy your stay." he smirked, and then relaxed, "That's their life, their way. Me? I prefer something cozy. Private. Just the two of us."

"I like that idea," Shaille replied quietly. "Just the two of us. No stress, just this..." She smiled and closed her eyes. "We'll find something, I'm sure."

Koh gave a nod. "I'm certain. Just the two of us." Then the son of Ts'usu paused, and looked up slightly and over at one of the beds across the room. "Ever get the feeling that you're..." he started, but Callisi from across the room shifted slightly in her bed.

"Sorry, I can't close it." she offered in an apology. Though before Koh could admonish her, Ichiko actually spoke up softly, "It's rude to eavesdrop." and Koh just looked at the two of them, a little stunned, before turning back to Shaille. "Actually, just the two of us sounds real good." he smirked.


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