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Slidewinder Soured

Posted on Thu May 6th, 2021 @ 8:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Linza (Lin) Esni & Lon Nren & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan & Ensign Jaimie Nolan & Ashe Zachariah & Warrant Officer Callisi Veera

Mission: Pathstone to History


To say that the surroundings on Dalacar were stunning was nothing short of an understatement. The sand golden sand shimmered softly under the sunlight, while the most incredibly blue water lapped at the shore line, each wave approaching with a gentle 'ssshhhh' before ebbing away from the shoreline again.

Even the sunlight, though the warmth could be easily felt against the skins of those who moved about its rays, any heat that may have been felt was easily washed away by the fragrant breeze that caressed caressed skin, or, in the case of the locals, lightly rustled soft fur.

The bar sitting out over the waters edge was every part the tiki hut bar that one would expect in a tropical setting. Grass roof, timber setting, very tropical, very laid back, and very in theme with the overall surroundings.

The only thing that seemed out of place was the buzz of the drones around them that served to every single need.

::The Slidewinder is currently trending by ten percent...::

::You can find the Museum with these easy directions...::

::The Airshow will commence at fifteen hundred hours, would you like directions?::

::Based on your personal history, you may like these culinary suggestions....::

Ashe glanced around uncertainly. "How about we start with drinks and then head toward the water. I see a gathering of loungers we can probably use?"

"I think that would be a great idea." Evelyn agreed, "Right about now, I'd consider injuring someone for a nice fruity drink, with or without alcohol in it." She glanced around for a moment, "Consider doing, not actually hurting them!" She amended.

Lon smiled. He was truly overwhelmed by the comforts of Dalacar. "I wouldn't say no to a drink."

One of the drones by them gave the best simulacrum of a wave in greet. ::Good welcome guests. The establishment greets you warmly. There's plenty of room for more if you wish to join in?:: the drone proceeded with a welcoming pitch as it motioned over to the tiki bar overlooking the surf. It wasn't interplanetary cable, but in the spirit of relaxation it might be better.

Linza looked at the others. "Just keep me away from the strong drinks. I've regretted the actions after that far too many times. Besides, trying to turn over a new leaf, I don't want to chance anything." Her eyes moved over to the water and loungers. "But I do agree with the order of actions, drinks and relaxing."

Jaimie nodded, starting to feel a little overstimulated by all of the drones and happenings going on around them. "Lets go inside," She said looking at the rest of them.


The interior was cozy, and continued the external aesthetic. Grass decorations, timber and lumber construction, comfy bar stool seating, some booths but mostly nice and open. There were a few complete Dalacari here, getting a bit of a chance to relax between relaxation sessions, while a trio of drones roamed around making sure that drinks and snack foods got to its destination. Behind the bar was a live Dalacari, tending to the drink needs and providing something of a tumbling bottle show when needed.

One of the three drones providing server duty made its way to the group as they entered, ::Welcome to the lounge. Would you and your group prefer a booth, or bar seating? ::

Lon looked to the side at his companion but had an answer in his mind already. "A booth, if you can mange it." He wanted to be able to observe the entire venue. Being a lounge proprietor himself, he was especially interested in seeing it all.

Ashe nodded in agreement. "Definitely a booth, one with a view of the water? Is that possible? I don't know about you, but a good view always goes well with a good drink," she said with a wink toward Linza.

"I'll take a good view anytime. I haven't had a good view...since I left Earth when I stole that shuttle all that time ago. Even when we were there I didn't get to look around much." Lin smiled back to Ashe.

"Mind if I grab a chair for at the end of the table?" Evelyn asked in general, "I've never been that big of a fan of booths, like to be able to move around a bit." She chuckled, "Restless, I am."

::A booth is available, with a wonderful view of the ocean. Please, this way.:: and the drone began to lead them into the establishment. ::A chair will be brought over for your seating comfort.:: there was tone and inflexion in the drone's speech pattern. Aside from the tin reverberation in its speech processor, it almost sounded like talking with a person. Or at least, a good simulation of a person. Nowhere near Soong levels of duplicity, but then again, Soong didn't have thousands of androids under his belt.

A PaDD style tablet was waiting for them at their booth with the bar's menu. ::The lounge menu will change over in three hours, plenty of time to enjoy what's listed currently for your convenience. The top of the tablet will list the three highest trending beverages compiled from a twenty five kilometer radius. Food and beverage choices are tracked for your future convenience and ease of order. A pitcher of water will be brought shortly to refresh while you browse the options for you. Take all the time you need, and enjoy your comfort.::

Linza slipped into the bar and looked over the menu. "So many choices, but I think I want something fruity and fun."

Lon was taken up in the whirlwind of choices. He stopped short of taking notes, and allowed himself to enjoy the experience. "This one looks good." He indicated a drink that was bright green in colour.

With that, the drone up and left. Hardly two minutes later, an identical drone carrying a tray would arrive. On it, a selection of glasses of various shapes and colors, and a pitcher of water with what looked like lemon slices in it... if lemon slices were purple.

::Excuse the wait for the refreshment. Have you decided on where to begin?::

Ashe looked up at the drone as it placed the water glasses on the table, eyes widening slightly as she took in the colour of the lemons. Taking one of the glasses, she picked up a fork from the table and dipped it into the glass, fishing out the fruit and nibbling at it. "Ooohhhh..." her eyes widened in surprise. "It's like a lemon, but it's purple, and the taste..." she bit a small section of the flesh out of the slice of fruit. "It's tangier, tinglier... Lon, you have to get some of these for the Deity! Seriously, y'all need to try this!"

"Purple lemons?" Linza raised an eyebrow but didn't try any, at least not in the same way that Ashe did. She instead squeezed some into her water and took a sip. "Wow, that is different."

The Astaea's Long Manager nodded at the notion. "I will have to inquire about getting us a few cases." His black eyes smiled.

::Transportation of fruit and local cuisine requires a fabrication license, level D. An inquiry for such can be logged for you and accompanying literature can be set aside for you, if you wish?:: the attendant drone offered. They really were everywhere, and they certainly were here to help it would seem.

Then the mood of the room shifted. Walking through the entrance to the lazy tiki lounge was a six-drone team of sorts, They weren't carrying drinks... those were weapons on their sides. Holstered, but certainly the first armed force on the planet that the group had seen.

Security. Something about them. Their motions, their checking the room, the way they swept in, the precision of their motions... this was a security force, and it was heading over to the group. With each step closer, the table's waiter bot took two steps away. The lounge got quiet fast, as what few patrons were here were now very interested in the events unfolding.

::Apologies for the inconvenience. By order of central security, a Special Investigation has been issued for members of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet. Members of this designation are to be reclassified as Remanded Guests and escorted to a secure location for their safety. The terms of this Special Investigation will be declared once all parties that meet the criteria are secure.:: one of the drones spoke, and then the group of them moved to allow the group easy departure from the booth, while the 'leader' of the detachment motioned towards the exit. ::This way, please.::

Ashe stood up in the booth, casting a glance toward the others before looking back at the drones. "I think we'd best do what they say," she said quietly as she eyed the weapons. "Pretty sure we'd come off second best in a bar fight here."

Jaimie quickly gulped her drink down, nervously standing up to follow the orders. “I’ve never been arrested before,” she muttered.

Evelyn glanced at the drink she'd taken barely a few sips from as she stood, but rather than head towards the exit, took a sidestep that brought her to relatively next to the 'leader' drone and basically screened the rest of the group as best she could. She kept her hands in front and visible and she kept her face unthreatening as well, "I'm the senior officer of the Federation group present, but I was wondering if you could tell me why we're being detained?"

Linza stayed quiet. What was going on? She wasn't going to try to fight what they were being told to do, but did wonder why Evelyn was questioning it while they were here and not outside away from the crowd. She'd been in enough trouble in the past, she didn't want more now.

The 'lead' drone turned to address Evelyn, ::Exoplanetary Exploration Probe 73-R detected an anomaly. This anomaly is currently broadcasting and emitting energy signatures that match to one ten thousandth of a percent the energy signatures listed for the United Federation of Planets. The anomaly is several orders of magnitude more massive than any starbase configuration on record. The sudden presence of such a massive signature so closely after the arrival of Astraea prompted the calling of the Special Investigation. This is all that is permitted to be disclosed at this time. Chief of Security and Well Being has been informed of this inquiry.::

“Very good.” Evelyn smiled and inclined her head in appreciation to the drone as the last of the Federation group exited the booth, “Thank you...” She had no idea how to ‘title’ the drone, “Officer, of course we’ll accompany you, please pardon my curiosity.” Inside, a cold knot of anxiety settled in the pit of her stomach, even as she joined the rear of the group and began to weave her way towards the front of it, hands going behind her back and clasping together. Whatever was to come, whoever they were going to meet, she was responsible for the crew and civilians and she was going to make sure she protected them, even if it meant, ick, diplomacy.

"This doesn't feel right," Lin whispered as she looked at the others. But, she was going to go along with it.

Evelyn placed a hand on Linza's shoulder and squeezed it gently as she got up to her, "Don't worry, Miss Esni, I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding or something that can be explained. In any case, the Dalacari aren't going to abuse or injure us. They just want to talk, that's all." She patted the younger woman, "It'll be fine."


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