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Idle Chatter

Posted on Thu Mar 25th, 2021 @ 2:52pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Linza (Lin) Esni & Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Lon Nren & Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan & Warrant Officer Koh Ottasu & Warrant Officer Callisi Veera

Mission: Pathstone to History


This ship had been buzzing after their successful journey through Pathstone. Even with the use of the graviton catapult it had taken other ships weeks to do what they had just done in an hour. Now with the crew enjoying down time while they were en route to the Dalacar home world, Shaille and Koh had opted to join Callisi and a few others in the lounge after duty shifts.

Glancing at the stars outside the windows, Shaille shook her head before turning back to the rest of the table. "You know, it doesn't look any different. I don't know what I expected, but a ticker tape parade and some big bright signs exclaiming "Welcome to the Delta Quadrant wouldn't have gone astray," she said with a laugh.

Walking into the Lounge while pocketing a flask sized object, he went up to the bar. After downing a shot he grabbed a drink and walked over to the others. "Fascinating experience," He said simply after sipping his drink.

"It's way different than the Catapult, that's for sure." Evelyn swirled her drink in it's tumbler idly as she flashed a mischievous grin, "But I could arrange for that display if you'd really like. But this is my second time truly out here. Really it's a lot of strange new worlds, new life, new civilizations. And with all the new nooks and crannies we can poke our heads into that are lacking in the Alpha and Beta quadrants with all of the expansion we've had."

Koh raised his drink, "To new life, then." he offered with a smirk. "I've never had the privilege of traveling through this Catapult, but if you ask me, naming a method of travel after a weapon seems like a bad idea." and he offered a nod, "Another notch on the belt of fascinating experiences. First the Blink, and now this." Koh finished.

"On our way to Dalacar." Callisi piped in. "I hope you don't mind, but I'll be volunteering for the skeleton crew." a pause, "I ... don't feel at home very much on Dalacar."

Shaille laughed, one hand moving to cover Koh's. "We're doing the same," she said with a shake of her head. "Though, I might take a trip down, I'd like to check out the thinking engine again. The Ts'usugi ship sounds interesting though... At least, it sounded impressive given the way Commander Gail reacted to it. Infinite Horizon?" she queried. "Fleetmaster Goopi or something?"

"I think that might do well, maybe pick up a few wait, did you mean Goki? Fleetmaster Goki?" Koh asked, wide eyed.

"THE Infinite Horizon?" Callisi asked. It was weird to see a Ts'usugi express anything aside from stoic stoicism. Callisi's expression was half fascination, half disbelief.

Shaille nodded slightly. "I think that's who they said? He's not scheduled to arrive at Dalacar for two days, but he's coming to take part in the negotiations. Is that a bad thing?" She glanced between the two of them, clearly confused.

Callisi started, "The Infinite Horizon is one of the Emperor's Flagships. There's five of them. Five." she put her tea down, possibly concerned about dropping it. "It's one of the most impressive flagships in the whole of Ts'usu's Navy. Certainly one of the largest craft in the whole of the Navy." Then Koh took over, letting Callisi compose herself.

"As for the man behind the helm, Fleetmaster Goki is one of the most well known names in the entire Navy. He's an advocate for peace, except where the Koldaran are concerned, of course." a pause, "If he's coming here, oh that's a good sign." Koh gave a soft smile. "It probably means he wants to negotiate something fair to everyone, rather than advance his own career."

The pair calmed down, "Sorry, just. He's on journals, he's interviewed by all the top networks. He's about as close as someone of his rank can get to actually being a celebrity. Him doing the talks... I mean that's a good thing." Koh said with a nod, and that was that.

Calvin listened, his head switching between the outside view and the people talking. "Guess we've made a good impression on them then," He replied sipping his drink. "The exchange of ideas will be fascinating. I cannot wait to see the technological and ideological differences in medical practices."

Lon was weaving in and out of the gather crew. Silently wondering if anyone had noticed the Targ head he'd hung above the doorway. "Can I get you anything else?" He asked of a group that was discussing Fleetmaster Goki.

"I'll have another one of these," Shaille motioned to her glass and gave Lon a smile.

"Sounds like a blast, Doc." Buck dropped into a seat next to Calvin. "Me? I'm going to try and swing staying on ship."

“Yeah?” Calvin responded looking at Buck. He finished the drink in his hand. “No exploring?”

"You might enjoy one of their flight displays," Shaille offered. "I'll admit, they were impressive. The Dalacari are a very hospitable community, they really are. They will do anything and everything to make their guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay."

Sometimes, people watching and listening in on things maybe she shouldn't be was fun. Linza had just been relaxing at the bar, but not drinking anything alcoholic, as she was trying to get away from all that. Her and drinks...they didn't mix. Instead she had a nice chocolatey drink. She wasn't even sure people saw her sitting there. But she did enjoy hearing everyone talking.

Koh gave a nod, "Doc, you'll find the Dalacari medical equipment just about second to none. Just, if you want a good conversation, be sure to ask for a living doctor." the rabbit paused, "They have drones in the medical field too. Not like, go to school to become doctors, but more... okay, you know that Medical Hologram that everyone mentions whenever someone brings up that the medical bay needs more hands? Think that, but it's a physical drone."

"And there's usually a few of them." Koh grumbled something about 'Here to Help' and then took a sip of his tea.

"A Dalacari medical drone saved my life. Saved my eyesight. Saved my career." Callisi said, softly, "One day, I might even forgive it for that."

"Duly noted," Calvin replied with a smile, before frowning at his empty drink. "I'll be back," He said leaving the group to go to the bar.

Will walked into the Lounge, and glanced around. Noting one person in particular who seemed to be 'alone in the crowd,' to borrow a term from a former crewmate on the Coyote, he headed over to bar and sat down next to Linza. "So," he hesitantly said, "you settling in?"

Glancing to the person who sat down next to her, Lin gave a small shrug. She also wasn't fully sure who it was who sat down, as she was still trying to figure out who was who on the crew. But, that didn't mean she'd be rude. "Trying to. Going from where I was to all this is a bit crazy."

"Well, it seems to me that things were pretty crazy down on Kessik III when we met," Will said. "So hopefully things will be settling down a bit from here on out."

"I can hope so. I still get the feeling in the back of my head that some people still don't like me." Lin shrugged and took a drink, "But, I don't think that'll ever go away. I mean, hell, my siblings didn't even want to talk to me when I went to talk to them and tell them what was going on."

"Well, ya gotta admit that doing things like falling in with terrorists and kidnapping people at phaser-point tends to have that end result," Will said. "And that's not considering what you did back when you were in Starfleet. I believe in giving people a second chance, especially when it seems like they do want to change, but know that it'll take a lot to get people to even accept you back. Getting people to like you...might be a bit more difficult than that."

"Sounds about right. I screwed up my Starfleet career originally by doing things I'm not proud of. It'll take a while to recover from that and what I did to this crew before they rescued me."

"Hey Doc, could ya grab me a beer while you're up? Thanks bud!" Buck called after Calvin as he left. He turned back to the Blink pilots favouring them with a sheepish smile. "I'm just not keen on the whole planetwide network of drones learning everything about you gig. Plus," he continued with slight amusement, "if I stay here, while the Captain and Commander Gail away for the negotiations I get to be in charge."

Callisi gave an amused smirk, "Then I best get used to calling you sir then." while Koh just gave a nod, "We'll be here after a bit of shopping, and maybe drinks."

Calvin returned quickly, handing Buck his beer. He took a quick heavy sip of his drink before sitting down. “Calling who sir? Him?” He asked looking at Buck. “I dunno about that.”

She almost looked confused, "Well, what would you call the ranking officer on the ship, then?"

Calvin frowned, almost annoyed. A facial expression that didn't suit his face or personality. "A joke," He stated before taking a swig of his drink. "A simple joke about Buck being in charge." After another drink, he smiled and laugh. "Nothing meant by it! He'd be great."

"Oh." Callisi commented, and then it seemed to hit her like a brick. "Oooooh, oh I'm sorry." and she joined in the laugh with a giggle of her own. Once the giggle fest was over, she offered Calvin a soft smile. No harm, no fowl. "I'm sure most of the ship will survive his command."

Buck took a swig from his drink and grinned. "We might even wake up in the same century this time."

Linza half-listened to what was going on with the others. She wasn't comfortable enough with everyone to have any of those fun conversations.

"Well, he hasn't flown us into a black hole so far, so if his command skills are on par with his piloting skills, we might stand a chance," Shaille quipped in response. "Now, I don't know about you lot, but I think it's time for me to call it a night." She glanced toward Koh and grinned. "Shall we?"

Koh offered a soft smile in return, "Things are going to be interesting over the next couple of days. We should all face them as well rested as we can." and the Son of Ts'usu gave a nod as he stood. "Good night, rest well." and he turned to Callisi, "Oyasumi." and she perked up, ears twitching.

"Been too long since I heard it properly. Oyasumi, Ottasu." a pause from the cyclopean rabbitess, "And with that, I think it's time I tuck in as well. Good night everyone."

Buck looked around. "I've had more than enough sleep for one lifetime. Anyone up for another round?"

"I think I should get going myself," Will said, having overheard some of the conversation, "though here's a parting though - consider the possibility that the captain might have decided to take Buck along and leave me in charge of the ship."

“I’m ready for another round!” Calvin replied with an empty smile.


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