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Impress Me.

Posted on Fri Mar 12th, 2021 @ 4:32pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Commander Ichiko Gail

Mission: Pathstone to History


"All hands, welcome to the Delta Quadrant."

As soon as the ship wide communication had closed Abigail turned toward Ichiko. "Commander, join me in my ready room?" she asked quietly, starting to walk away without waiting for Ichiko to respond. Once she was inside the ready room, she immediately moved to the replicator, ordering one tea, one chai and a plate of ginger snap cookies, lifting the mugs and the plate and turning as Ichiko entered behind her. Setting the plate on the table, she handed one mug toward her friend before moving to the sofa, sinking into a seat and taking a sip of her chai before she turned to face her companion. "You've heard of these people I take it?" she finally asked.

Ichiko followed dutifully, head held high as always. She accepted the tea with the same ghost of a smile she always wore around her friend. "Thank you." and a gingersnap went missing.

"There isn't a Ts'usugi alive who doesn't know Daisan Goki. Fleetmaster Daisan Goki." she corrected. "He's a tactical genius, responsible for victory after victory against the Koldaran Armada, sometimes just by showing up." If the Ts'usugi knew how to fangirl, she was.

"He's also one of the biggest advocates for peace in the entire Navy. Rumor is he accepted the posting aboard the Imperial flagship just to ensure it would only be used in warfare at his discretion. Remember when I said that every Ts'usugi ship has a piece of home with it, to bolster the morale of the crew?"

"He brings his family." she paused, to let that settle.

"I see," Abigail replied quietly, well aware of the weight of that statement.

"Rumor even has it he's a father too. Wife and son, two years old by now." she paused for a moment. "If he's there representing the interests of the Empire, this is a good thing BUT.. he has no tolerance for misguidance. He's not a politician. He took one of the five existing flagships of her class out of the hands of politicians."

"You two should get along nicely."

"Would he normally be called to take part in Dalacari negotiations?" she asked quietly. "I mean, aside from the fact that he's Ts'usugi, would someone of his position normally be involved?" A pause, a sip of chai, another pause. "I don't know if I should feel intimidated or concerned about this information."

"Yes and no. The Dalacari would be calling in a Ts'usugi in high standing to at least take part of the talks, as per the Three Dawn Accord. Whoever answers the call is at their discretion." a pause, "To be the one to negotiate transit permissions with the Federation would be quite prestigious. Any shipmaster would use it as a springboard for a higher position in the fleet. Any fleetmaster would use this as a badge to hold over the rest of the fleet."

"Goki isn't interested in lording his position over the others, and I think the only role higher than the one he has now is Emperor." she giggled. "So this... this is a maneuver, yes. But not against you." she paused, "This is a maneuver against other fleetmasters, to keep this moment of politics out of their hands."

"Then we need to be prepared to take our A-Game," Abigail replied quietly, contemplating as she sipped again. "We can't fail, we need to secure this negotiation for the benefit of the Fleet. I can't even begin to imagine the difficulties that will be faced if we fail." She shifted her gaze away from the plate of gingersnaps and turned toward her friend. "Who do you suggest we take to the negotiations?"

In that, Ichiko agreed completely. "Without the means to get back and forth from your portion of space to ours, your forces here will have to eventually either fend for themselves, or establish a colony or request asylum." she pointed out. "Three is a lucky number to the Ts'usugi, but Dalacari enjoy pairs. If you're going for an initial impression, six is a good size group to appease both groups' aesthetics." she offered. "Bring people who are diligent. Respectful." she paused, "Bring Rogers, if you can. He has a air of doubt to him, he's well rooted in the here and now."

"I'm thinking maybe Lieutenant Matashi and Commander Gunnison, both have served with you and have proved to be respectful officers, and perhaps Commander Morgan?" She pursed her lips for a moment. "I contemplated Commander Rozia, but she's new to the role and, well, her excitement can be a bit of an issue."

"Enthusiasm might be received well by Goki, but I can't make enough of an assurance to say for certain." she offered, "But Matashi and Gunnison are good choices." she paused, "I'd also like to be there. Not out of glory or desire, but solidarity. I stand with my shipmaster." she gave a nod to Abigail. "If she'd have me."

Abigail smiled. "There was never a moment I doubted your being there," she said firmly. "You were absolutely my first choice."

A soft smile spread along Ichiko's features, "I know. I... I wanted to say it. Certain things can remain unspoken, but loyalty should be loud."

"Well, we have our team then." Abigail stared at her chai for a long moment. "I would suggest, we time our arrival so that we arrive after Fleetmaster Goki. We can use the time on our way to brief our team."

"The Astraea is faster than the Horizon. The option of when to arrive is ours." the resident rabbitess noted. "Between you, me, and the walls, that's one of the chief concerns of the two of us. Dalacari and Ts'usugi. The Federation's speed. Not that the speed itself is a threat. Just their willingness to get to a destination without observing the route."

"I'd recommend, just as a mention ,that if we *were* to slow down to time our arrival better, we take a few readings along the say. For the sake of science, after all." a smirk.

Abigail smiled. "This is why I would be lost without you," she said softly. "Any areas of particular significance you can recommend that may be a good talking point?"

"There just happens to be a rather beautiful nebula on the way from the Pathstone installation to Dalacar. " Ichiko advised, "Getting some new readings with instruments that neither side has access to might impress. After all, the Federation may be in a hurry to get everywhere, but they honestly do have some very impressive sensory equipment. When they opt to use it." she teased.

Abigail's smile became a smirk. "Well, it seems to me that there's no time like the present. Shall we?"


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