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First, We Make The Plan

Posted on Fri Mar 13th, 2020 @ 3:20pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine

Mission: Dead Moon


Shaille waited until Koh was asleep again before she slid out of the bed carefully so she didn't disturb him. The ship had gone to red alert, though in sickbay the klaxons were mostly silenced and even the red alert strobes seemed subdued. Removing her combadge and her rank pips, she left them sitting on the side table, running her fingertips along the length of his ear softly before turning on her heel and walking out of sickbay quickly.

The walk through the ship was eerie. The corridors were almost empty. Some parts of the ship still evacuated because of the radiation from inside hell, other staff restricted to quarters because of the red alert.

It was only when she stepped into Transporter Room 2 and looked around that she saw another face, a familiar face offering a friendly smile. "Ready?"

Shaille nodded. "You sure you've got this sussed?" she asked quietly.

The other woman nodded. "I've already programmed the transporter to beam us to the other ship, straight to what we think is main engineering. Once the transport is complete it will scrub the logs and erase the records of the transport. It should buy us enough time to make sure we are good on that side.

Cam slipped through the doors and sighed. "Sorry," she offered quickly. "I couldn't get away from Security, they kept asking questions. We ready?"

With a nod, Shaille stepped up on the transporter pad and drew in a deep breath, a moment of uncertainty washing over her. If she did this, it would be the end of her career as she knew it, especially given the trouble she was already in... was she really willing to throw it all away?

Reaching up, she rubbed her thumb over the purple stone she wore around her neck, the stone Koh had given her when they were on the Dalacari homeworld, moments before he had told her he loved her for the first time. A small smile played across her lips at the memory before she looked back at Carissa and nodded. "Energize."


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