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Romulans V Round Ears

Posted on Sun Mar 15th, 2020 @ 1:13pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Lewis Little & Lieutenant Commander William Rogers

Mission: Dead Moon


"Captain Laurens, the Romulan vessel is hailing us."

"Take us to red alert," Abigail sighed. She knew this was coming, the two Romulan ships had been drawing closer and closer. Now she just hoped they could resolve this with words instead of it ending in a fire fight. Standing up from her centre chair, the Starfleet Captain brushed her hair back over her shoulders and clasped her hands firmly behind her back. "On screen," she ordered calmly.

There was a flicker on the screen in front of her and the two Romulan Sub-Commanders appeared in front of her. "I am Captain Laurens from the USS Astraea. How can I help you Sub-Commander?"

The sneering face almost scowled as it appeared on the screen. The ears almost pricked up seeing the Captain in front of her.

"Federation fools!" she screeched at the screen as if this were a schoolyard.

Abigail raised one eyebrow slightly, keeping her hands clasped firmly behind her back, her head held high as she stared intently at the Romulan on the screen. "Is there a problem Sub-Commander?" she asked calmly.

"You're... Presence in this maelstrom inhibits our... mission," she scowled at the screen almost firing her disruptor eyes.

"You have no business in this area of space," Abigail replied calmly. "You are in Federation space, I am quite certain your mission has nothing to do with us or this area of space."

"You will not tell us what to do Captain," Sub Commander Ritise railed back. "Your ship stands no chance against two Romulan Warbirds. That vessel came through Romulan space and has been claimed by the Romulan Empire. You will hand it over or you will be destroyed."

"That vessel belongs to the Ts'usugi Empire and is not yours to take," Abigail responded calmly.

The Romulan female turned to her crew and shouted orders in Riihansuu to them"

"They're charging weapons Captain," the voice called from the Tactical station.

"Raise shields and bring our weapons online," Abigail ordered in return. "Lieutenant Rogers, prepare for evasive maneuvers. Try and keep us between the Romulans and the Ts'u ship."

"Understood Captain," Rogers replied. On his console he brought up a copy of the tactical display used for weapons to better help him judge their maneuvers.

"Captain, a transporter is being activated on deck seven, transporter room two. Three life signs transported to the other vessel." Lieutenant Gunnison said from Operations.

"What the hell?" Abigail demanded. "Find out who it was! Damn it!"

"Working on it Captain," there was a moment of silence before he spoke again. "The transporter logs have been scrubbed Captain, I might be able to source it from backups but that'll take a bit."

"Captain Laurens, you have five minutes to hand over the vessel and leave or we will open fire," the Romulan Sub-Commander reiterated again.

Abigail paused, a steely expression crossing over her face. "Security, lock onto Sub-Commander Ritise's vessel and fire, all phasers," she ordered.

The look of surprise that momentarily flickered across the Romulan's face was replaced almost immediately by a white hot rage.

"End communication," Abigail ordered. "Lieutenant Rogers, evasive maneuvers, Security, keep firing on that ship. Take their weapons offline!"

The ship lurched violently as one of the Romulan vessels fired a volley of shots.

"Direct hit, but shields are holding," came the report from Tactical.

"Return fire," Abigail ordered. "Keep targeting their weapons."

"Captain," Gunnison spoke up again from Operations. "Sensors are detecting a Federation ship on an intercept course. The radiation from Charybdis is interfering with our scans, it could be two ships, classes unknown, but judging by their warp trails they look to be decently sized, ETA is under ten minutes."

"Let's hope the Romulans can see them too," Abigail replied as the ship rocked again.

Almost as quickly as it had started, one of the Romulan ships stopped firing and started maneuvering away from them.

"We disabled the weapons on one ship, but both Romulan ships have stopped the attack, they're leaving."

"That was easy." Rogers commented dryly. They'd not even had chance to launch the fighters. He had a bad feeling about this new ship or ships. The Starfleet Intelligence ships ought to still be a further out based on the last updates, even at maximum warp. He began to bring the ship around, still between the Romulans and the derelict but turning to face the newcomers.

The stony silence on the bridge lasted all but a few moments, broken by a gasp as the warp stream broke in front of them. Instead of the large Federation ships they were expecting, they found themselves staring at a small yacht.

"What on Earth?" Abigail glanced around the bridge, confusion clear on her face. "This is what scared the Romulans away?"

Before anyone could reply, a vaguely familiar face appeared on the view screen in front of them. "Captain Laurens, it appears our timing is auspicious. Lieutenant Ghant Xerix reporting for duty." said the young Betazoid, flashing a smile at his new Commanding Officer.


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