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Posted on Sat Jan 18th, 2020 @ 2:18pm by Lieutenant Nikki St. John & Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Security Office


It was well after duty shifts should have been over when Shaille finally walking into the main security area, head held high. She had sights for one person and one person only. The current Chief of Security, one Nikki St John. Closing the gap between them, she paused a few feet away from the other woman and cleared her throat before finally speaking. "I think we need to talk," she said quietly.

Mid Beta Shift, meant that things were relatively slow for the moment, so Nikki nodded her agreement. "Why don't we go into the office," she said and gestured with one hand for the Lieutenant to proceed her. Before following, she said to the officer on duty, "Continue monitoring the common areas. I think we're through the worst of it but it doesn't hurt to be certain."

"Aye, Chief," Addams said with a nod that was directed more toward the console than to the acting Chief. His attention had already returned to work at hand. Enforcing the cool down as the crew regained their collective composure after a difficult mission.

Walking into the office, Shaille waited, taking a seat only after it had been offered to her. "I'm sure the counselor told you I'm off duty for three more days," she finally said simply. "Good news has a way of travelling fast on ships like this."

"I heard that he wanted to see you again," Nikki said as she circled the desk and took a seat. Not her office, not her desk. She had to remind herself that it was all temporary. That she was here to make sure that Security could handle whatever came next and then move on. Where she grew up, popularity wasn't an issue. Getting the job done was what mattered. The idea of finding a place that could be hers for more than a moment, well, that was new. "What's on your mind, Lieutenant?"

"I'm not going to apologise for doing my job," Shaille replied, her voice remaining surprisingly calm. "You were the one that pushed for a reaction and you got it. I won't apologize for being provoked. No, I didn't have to react the way I did, but neither did you."

"And that's what you came to say, Lieutenant," Nikki asked. Her voice and manner gave nothing away. She sat quietly with her hands folded in her lap.

"I understand you're here to do a job," Shaille said quietly. "It's not a job I'd want to do personally, to go into a ship after the crew has been through hell and tell them they're not good enough? But I guess this is personal to me. This is my ship, my crew, my family that was attacked by those aliens. That makes it personal. You weren't here, you don't know what it was like." She paused and shook her head slightly, blonde curls in her face. "You don't know this crew or what they, we, went through."

"Anything else," Nikki asked.

"Yes," Shaille replied calmly. "I want you to listen to me and to understand. If this earns me more time off, then so be it, but if you're going to be making assumptions about this crew, you need to understand what they went through. Have you ever gone up against an enemy that you couldn't fight?" Shaille asked rhetorically. "This crew was attacked and tortured and we did nothing to stop it. They were pushed beyond breaking point and still have the side effects of it, and we did nothing to stop it. Just, remember that next time you deal with this crew. They're good people and they don't deserve it." She paused and drew in a sharp breath. "So how many more days are you planning to add to my punishment now?"

"I'm not even going to begin to wade through this ... diatribe ... of yours," Nikki said quietly. "You've had your say. Now get out. And I don't want to see you back here until the Counselor says you're fit for duty. All this has shown me? Is that you aren't ready."

Shaille shrugged slightly as she stood up and started for the door. Before she exited, she stopped, and turned back to face the Chief of Security again. "For the record, I'm sorry you ended up in this position," she said quietly. "I imagine it can't be easy for you to lead the clean up crew when everything turns to pooki."

Without waiting for a response, Shaille slipped out the door and walked out of security.


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