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New assignment and new crew

Posted on Fri Jan 17th, 2020 @ 12:44pm by Lieutenant William Gunnison & Lieutenant JG Tamarack

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Office, Chief of Operations


William started pulling up what information there was on the Charybdis Sector. There were lots of basic references about the sector, with a lot of people coming to the same conclusion he'd reached during his study back at the Academy - namely, that the region really should be avoided at all costs. Well, obviously that wasn't going to be an option in this case, so he'd have to find some way of helping the ship to survive long enough in the area to either grab this unknown vessel and get out or, at the very least, confirm that the vessel had indeed been destroyed beyond anything worth salvaging.

The main problem is that there was, from what he'd seen, not a lot known about the interior of the Charybdis Sector. Most of the information came either from long-range scans made from a safe distance or from readings from the few ships that had entered the outer perimeter and who had been fortunate enough to have made it out intact. It was a part of why Will had not cared for the orders the Astraea had received. In order for this vessel to have survived for very long, it would have to possess technology far beyond anything the Federation was aware of, or at least was in possession of, which would make in definitely an item worth possessing if that were the case. Will just hoped the price wouldn't be too high.

The door chime rang, and Will said, "Enter." The doors opened to admit a Vulcan in operations yellow, who entered. "Good morning, Sir," he said. "I am Lieutenant junior grade Tamarack, the new assistant chief of operations."

"Ah, good to finally be able to meet you," Will said, gesturing to the seat across from his desk. There had been some crew rotations recently that had affected the ship, and the operations department had been no exception. "I trust you've had a chance to get settled in."

"I have," Tamarack said, taking a seat. "I do wish to be able to meet with you begin my duties."

"Understandable, and I appreciate your showing the initiative on this," Will said. "We've got a real odd assignment on this one." Will brought Tamarack up to date on the Charybdis Sector and the mysterious vessel that Starfleet wanted them to retrieve.

Tamarack raised an eyebrow. "This is a curious assignment indeed," he said. "On what basis does Starfleet Command feel that we should be engaging in this mission?"

"Well, I've just started going over the specific long-range sensor scans of the ship that Starfleet sent along, so I haven't had too much of a chance to familiarize myself with it quite yet. But Starfleet Command seems to have reason to believe the ship may either have major shield capacities or a hull design with structural integrity far beyond anything currently in our possession that may give the ship an edge in surviving for a longer period of time in places like the Charybdis Sector. Combine that with indications that the ship wasn't traveling all that fast - our helmsman, who has dealt with the area, concurs, feeling that going slower than one quarter impulse may help avoid the worst of things - and there seems to be a chance that it may still be intact by the time we get to the specific spot it entered the sector. I'd like to have you take a look at the available information as well and see if you have any particular recommendations."

"I can certainly do that. Initially, from what I have already read about the Charybdis Sector in the past, I would suggest coordinating with science to use probes for some of the initial scans, to help get a better idea of what that particular part of the sector currently looks like. The probes, of course, should be reinforced to increase their likelihood of survivability. I do offer to help get that started as well, as I an to understand that officially you are expected to undergo some evaluation in order to be fully cleared to return to duty after the Astraea's recent experiences."

"Ah, yes, that," Will said, actually having kind of forgotten about that. "Yes, you see about getting the probes going. Let me know if anything comes up that needs my say-so on it."

"I will get right on that," Tamarack said. "If there is nothing else?"

"No that's good for now," Will said.


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