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Baby Steps

Posted on Wed Jan 15th, 2020 @ 9:28am by Lieutenant Alanah Matashi & Lieutenant Nikki St. John

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Security Office


Alanah stepped through the doors to Security it was her first time in there since the incidents of the last mission. She had been given some time off due to the injuries she had received and because she had struck another officer. While she was on her leave from duty she had been replaced and while she didn't get demoted in rank she was now the number 2 in the department.

She made her way across the foyer and she saw people looking in her direction. She tried her best to ignore it as she came to her old office and knocked on the door frame to the open door.

With the help of the team she'd brought with her, providing relief for the more seriously troubled members of security, there was marked improvement which made the whole process more endurable somehow. She looked up at the knock and saw the ship's former Chief of Security. She stood up at once and came around the side of the desk. "I'm Lieutenant St. John," she said quietly because voices carried and some conversations were meant to be private. "You're Lieutenant Matashi, am I correct?"

"Yep." She said more smug then she wanted to. "I was given clearance by admin and medical to return to work and I figured my best first step was to stop in so we could have a talk." She said as she entered the rest of the way in the room.

Nikki held her ground, leaning back against the desk, as she angled her head slightly to one side. "And what did you want to talk about, Lieutenant?"

This was the altercation she knew was inevitable. "I am just here to see how I can best serve you and the ship." Alanah said lowering her head accepting that her actions had led her down this path.

"Okay," Nikki said as she walked around the desk and dropped into the chair. "Have you been to see Lieutenant Styvek as yet?"

She had worried that would come up. "No, I have not. Do you think that is my next step?" Alanah was hoping to avoid the shrink. "I was hoping to get back into the work flow and then head that route."

"Counselor first," Nikki said firmly as she relaxed back into her seat. "You know, this crew has been through a great deal. In a sense, many are just trying to get back into a normal rhythm. Put it behind them and I get that, I do. But we're security and we have to be held to a higher standard. So, in short, the answer is Counselor first. If he agrees, then I'll put you back into the rotation and we'll go from there."

Alanah like many hated the idea of having to open up to someone who she rarely knew. She had feared that this would come, but that didn't dim her hope to this point. As she sat there looking across at the new boss she had so many emotions going on in her head. "I will see when he can fit me in next." She gave in. "So Nikki is it? What brings you to our little ship?"

"We're sent by Starfleet to evaluate the crew and oversee ship's security while the evaluations are underway," Nikki said. "So, I'm here for the short term to make sure that the ship is safe basically. The security personnel I brought with me are handling the heavy lifting while on-board security is evaluated by the Counselor and then by me in terms of readiness."

Alanah had every thought that she was being replaced but from the sound of things maybe there was a doorway to get her job back once they where all cleared for duty. "So your only here for the evaluation period?"

The corner of Nikki's mouth twitched. "You need to work on your poker face, Lieutenant. Lieutenant Styvek and myself will make recommendations. That plus your performance will be taken into consideration but ultimately, it's the Captain who's going to decide. As to whether I stay or not, that's up to Starfleet."

Alanah gave a sly grin as some of her hopes where dashed. "I understand." She replied flatly. "Anything else you need from me?"

"Do the evaluation with Lieutenant Styvek and when you're cleared, we'll go from there," Nikki said. "For now, consider yourself off the rotation."

"Understood." She said hanging her head. She had really hoped she could get back to work. Resignation was becoming a very real possibility at this point.

"If there's nothing else, Lieutenant," Nikki said, her rich alto rising slightly at the end to form an interrogatory; her eyes were hooded and unreadable as she waited for the former Chief to answer.

Alanah stood. "Thank you for meeting with me I will keep you up to date of my status." She said offering her hand to the new boss. And with that she turned and made her way back to her quarters. She had a whole mess of decisions to mull over.


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