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Friends Close, Drones Closer

Posted on Fri May 28th, 2021 @ 4:43pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Linza (Lin) Esni & Commander Ichiko Gail

Mission: Pathstone to History


As the Captain left the bridge, Shaille turned around to the drone, quirking her lips slightly. "Well, I guess you're with me, I'll show you to the conference lounge," she said, her tone clearly untrusting. "Linza, join us?" she asked, glancing toward her friend as she started crossing the bridge.

Raising an eyebrow at Shaille, Linza nodded before eying the drone. She made her way over to Shaille and lowered her voice. "We had to deal with this, didn't we?"

The drone gave what could pass for a cheerful nod, cheerful from something devoid of a face to really express emotion. Or the capacity to truly express emotion. :: Of course. Your craft has a marvelous aesthetic. Post-modern simplicity with a stark color contrast.::

It did seemed designed to be polite and accommodating, even while on chaperone duty. Though in response to Linza's comment, the drone turned its optic toward her, ::Apologies, but the conclusion of the Special Investigation is the foremost priority at the moment. All parties are dealing with circumstances beyond their control.::

"Err...that was meant for Shaille." Lin looked at the drone. "Are you capable of not listening into private conversations?"

::Yes, though this platform has been designated to observe, in regards to the events of the Special Investigation. Invasion of privacy was not the intent.:: it informed Linza. ::Though, this platform was the topic of the discussion. The presence of this platform on your ship is seen as undesirable.::

Shaille sighed. "I imagine that that's why Captain Laurens wanted us to escort the drone to the conference room, I assume they need a few moments to... gather their thoughts?" she cast a glance at the drone before looking back to Lin. "The conference room is on deck four," she instructed the drone. "Enter the turbolift please."

Letting out a sigh, Linza waited and did the security side of things and allowed the drone to go in before her.

::You're too kind. Thank you.:: the drone intoned as it stepped aboard the lift. ::How many decks are on the Astraea?:: it asked, the voice synthesizing the tones to project curiosity. Was it engaging in small talk?

"Forty-Five decks," Shaille replied as she stepped into the turbolift after the drone and Lin. "Deck four, forward section."

"The Astraea is an Odyssey class ship, very state of the art. Though she is primarily designed to be an explorer, so she is readily equipped with everything the crew might need for long range, deep space exploration. The style and grace of a monarch, facilities for every occasion, and a Dalacari smile. Just enough teeth behind the pretty to protect those who need it." Shaille paused for a moment. "It's going to take the crew some time to get things settled with their return and the new developments. Perhaps after the staff briefing I could take you on a tour if you like?"

::Such an offer would be most appreciated. Once the staff meeting is over of course. Depending on the outcome, this unit may be more approachable in regards to questions regarding Dalacari day to day operations. An exchange of information, perhaps. Though, such would require authorization before it could be done. At the least, you can be taught how to make a flawless Slidewinder, the beverage of choice in six polled regions, trending in seven.::

"Let me guess, trending by ten percent?" Shaille countered. "You know, I'm starting to suspect that's just a marketing ploy to have everyone buy one." She shook her head slightly. "Down here, at the next junction we're turning left."

There was a pause, ::You're familiar with Dalacari Trend Tracking, fantastic.:: an emulation of joy, ::Oh but it is no simple marketing ploy. Everything is tracked on Dalacar, and the trendy thing is trends. No one wants to be left behind on the latest and greatest, so all trends are tracked and monitored. Menus and fashions are updated constantly, it's a very busy world to live in.:: though it paused as she gave directions. ::Next junction, turning left. Compliance.::

Linza smirked as she listened. She let Shaille and the drone continue their conversation. After all, she was enjoying listening, and it was something she was very good at.

"Last time I was on Dalacar I met with Administrator Kelig and toured a Thinking Engine facility. It made me glad I'm not on the Dalacari trend monitoring list any more." Shaille shook her head before turning toward Linza. "Dalacar is like a cage. A very pretty, fashionable, welcoming cage, but a cage. It gave me the wiggins."

::Those facilities are very secure. The circumstances around that visitation must have been very exceptional.:: the drone mentioned as the list came to a stop and it began to execute the directions given prior. Net junction, turn left. ::Wiggins is not a term or item familiar to this platform's database or inventory. Would you mind clarifying?::

"Wiggins, a feeling of uneasiness or foreboding badness." She shook her head again. "Anyway, never mind, straight down here and turn left."

That time, the drone kept silent. It was picking up the signals.

The rest of the walk to the conference room took mere moments. Opening the door, Shaille stepped back, allowing the drone access, relieved that the presence of other crew members meant she didn't need to remain any longer. "Captain Laurens will be with you shortly," she said quietly before stepping back into the corridor and turning to Linza. "While they're in their briefing, how about we go grab a coffee in the lounge?" she suggested. "I'll tell Koh and the others to meet us there."

"Coffee sounds amazing," Linza stated as she pushed a few loose hairs from her face and tucked them behind her ear. "Extremely strong coffee."


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