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To Market, To Market, To Look For Tejar

Posted on Tue Jul 28th, 2020 @ 11:56am by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant William Gunnison & Lieutenant Farizah Alani

Mission: Into The Delta Triangle
Location: Kessik III


It wasn't hard to keep tabs on the Bolian and her friends. The bright blue skinned woman stood out against an otherwise dreary crowd, Meka shook her head as she slipped through another corridor, remaining close enough to follow them but not so close that she stood out. Taking care of the other two had been easy enough. Short, sharp phaser shot to the middle of the back and then a localised transport. She'd left Lin to wake them up and 'have a little chat' while she focused her attention on the rest of the group.

She shook her head, disbelieving that someone as bold as the Bolian thought they could edge in on Lin's territory. It had taken less than a year for Lin to make it known that Kessik III was her hustle. Their Klingon front runner hadn't been seen since Marquez had been killed. Clearly they'd gotten him out of the way. Smart move. If she got her hands on him, she'd eviscerate him so badly there'd be nothing left to send to Sto-vo-kor after what he did to her friend. But the Bolian and her band of merry little men, they would be the ones that would now pay.


Will looked around the marketplace. There were a few places where he suspected that they could get information about whether or not Breloc Trejar was there and where he might be holed up if he was there. He wished he'd had some latinum with him, since it would make it a lot easier to loosen tongues.

He couldn't help but notice one particular individual seemed to be following them. He couldn't be sure, of course, as he didn't want to tip off the individual by staring at them if the away team was indeed being tailed. However, that individual seemed to be around a lot. He moved casually over to Lt. Alani. It was a risk on his part, if the individual in question was tailing Alani specifically and didn't realize before that Will was with her (as the Bolian did stick out like the proverbial sore thumb, even around here), as it might tip off the follower. But there was the possibility that his being with Alani was already known if that person had been following her long enough, so it was a risk he decided to take.

As Will casually moved up beside Alani, he quietly said, "There's a possibility we're being tailed." He went on to describe the person as best as he could.

"Not a possibility, hot stuff, definitely" she said reassuringly. Farizah may have seen distracted by fabrics and such being sold and bartered for around the marketplace, but her training was not for nothing. One didn't make Security Chief of a starship without some level of sensing when things were not right.

She looked at Will. "They've been tailing us for a while. We are safer together than separated, but try to keep distance from her. I'm not liking this," the Bolian added in a bit of a hushed tone.

"Nor should we like it," Will muttered. "Something's up when the locals start following us when we've barely arrived."

Meka slid out from her position and sidled up to Farizah. "You're Starfleet, aren't you?" she asked, keeping her voice low. "Your friends told me I'd find you here. You're the ones looking for that Cardassian, right?"

"Well, former Starfleet, if you want to get technical, miss," Will quietly said with a shrug, trying to sound casual as he slowly moved a few steps away. "Met on our last assignment, and decided there were advantages to sticking together. Though as you might imagine, the Starfleet part's not something we like to advertise around here. Lexi and Abigail are correct in that we are looking for a Cardassian. We hear he might be involved with the mining operations around here."

"That's what your friends said, they're talking to my boss now. They sent me to find you and take you to her office so she can help you find him." Meka offered a charming smile. "She's only a little ways away, I can take you now."

"Well, wadda think?" Will asked Alani. "If you're through here, let's go hook up with Lexi and Abigail and talk with her boss about our Cardassian 'friend'."

Farizah smirked and grabbed Will's buttocks and gave it a gentle yet firm enough squeeze as if to say 'good work, but also don't cramp my style' and she playfully teased him. "Well, you know us Bolians, we're always down for a casual hook up. The more the merrier," she teased.

Meka watched the interaction and groaned inwardly. The more she saw of the Bolian, the less convinced she was that they were any kind of a threat to Lin's plans. But, it wasn't her decision, that would be up to Lin to decide, once she got them there. "My boss' office is only about half a mile away," she motioned with her hand toward the exits for the large market place structure. "Whenever you're done here."

"Oh, don't worry," Will said dryly. "We're definitely done here. Please, lead the way." As they started off, he said, "By the way, we never did get your name or that of your boss."

Holding the door open so they could walk through before her, Meka offered a smile. "Meka," she offered as she drew the small disruptor from under her jacket, the two shots being fired quickly. It was a risk, given how close they were to the populous of the marketplace, but one she was willing to take. Sliding her hand into her pocket, she retrieved a small communications device and opened it. "I have them," she ordered calmly. "Initiate the transport."


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