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What's a black eye between friends?

Posted on Tue Jan 28th, 2020 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Lieutenant JG Lucy Graydon

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Crew Gym


As she entered the gym Shaille glanced around. There was already a slight sheen of sweat glistening across the exposed skin from the several miles she had already run through the ship, putting herself through some of the more intense and vigorous training regimes that they ran through security, yet it wasn't helping to ease the tension.

Heading across the room, she kept a level gaze straight on the boxing bags hanging from the ceiling ahead of her. That's what she wanted. Physical violence. The chance to pummel something and release all the aggression and tension she had building up inside her. Not even bothering to take the time to strap her hands or wrists, as soon as she was within proximity she started unleashing a torrent of furious swings at the bag, the way it moved frustrating her even more.

Lucy had been working out in her down time. She sat on the rowing machine, going at it hard. Seems as she’d been the only one in here till recently she had turned up the artificial gravity to make things harder for herself. She saw Shaille enter the room and headed over, intending to ask about the gravity. She watched as she started hitting the punch bag with increasing ferocity.

As she got closer she shouted out. “Hey, you alright?” She asked, intending to make her presence known.

Shaille didn't bother to turn toward the sound of the voice, instead she unleashed another furious barrage of attacks on the bag. "Do." Smack. "I." Smack. "Look." Smack. "Like." Smack. "I'm bloody okay?!" Smack, smack, smack.

The bag started to swing wildly, swinging away from her and rapidly back. Misjudging the timing of the bag, she swung again, her bare fist connecting awkwardly with the bag, twisting painfully. "Damn it to hell!"

“Alright, I think that’s enough, don’t you? Let’s talk. What’s going on.” She asked walking over and examining the wrist.

Shaille pulled her hand away, wincing at the sudden movment. "I don't want to talk, I want to hit things," she replied. "Hard, preferably causing damage."

"Well if it's to cause damage to yourself you're doing a great job. You wanna keep damaging yourself and have to explain to the doc what you did then feel free. You wanna talk and try and sort whatever this is then i'm listening." She replied, with a little more venom in her voice than she'd originally intended.

"For crying out loud!" Shaille shot back, her voice rising in anger. "What the hell is it with everyone trying to make me talk! I don't want to damn well talk! I don't want to talk to You! I don't want to talk to the Counselor! I don't want to talk to that cow in Security! I don't want to bloody talk! So unless you want a black eye, get the hell out of my way and let me get on with it, okay?"

"Because if you keep doing this your gonna get yourself disciplined. You want that? You want your ass thrown in the brig?" She shouted back.

"Is that supposed to be a threat?" Shaille demanded, turning to face Lucy full on. "Because seriously, I don't care any more, I will put you on your ass here and now if you don't get out of my face!"

"No, it wasn't a threat, I don't have the power to do that, but that sounded like a threat towards me. You do what you have to do to make yourself feel better. But don't expect any sympathy from me." She answered, calming her voice.

"I didn't ask for your sympathy," Shaille said coldly, lowering her own voice in response. "All I want is to beat the tar out of something until I feel better. Is that really to much to ask for?"

"When it can hurt you back yes. Might I suggest the holodeck instead? I have a good program that you may like which would be less painful for you." She said, trying to offer a smile.

Before Shaille could respond, the lights flickered slightly and the yellow strobe lights started to flash. With a sigh, Shaille's shoulders dropped. Yellow alert. She was off duty. She had no choice but to return to her quarters and stay there. "Some other time," she muttered quietly, still nursing her injured wrist.

Lucy nodded. "I need to get to the bridge. I'll see you around." Lucy said, walking out without another word.


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