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Pre Rad Treatment

Posted on Wed Jan 29th, 2020 @ 12:21pm by Lieutenant William Rogers & Lieutenant Calvin Morgan

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: CMO's Office


Calvin leaned back in his chair to look up at the lights in his office. Across his desk were PADDs still on displaying information. His desk computer was doing some processing of information while the screens that covered the near wall were switched from their normal task of watching patient vitals to other information.

Blinking a couple times, he let his mind drift off as he waited for Lt. Rogers to stop by. They hadn't set a time, but the Lt. said he would be able to stop by at some point soon, and Calvin couldn't stare at the PADDs anymore.

The doctor would not have to wait too long before his daydreaming was interrupted. "You awake, doc?"

"Unfortunately," He responded leaning forward in his chair and motioning Rogers to a chair. "A technician came in the other day to do something with the lights. I can't remember what though," Calvin trailed off sorting through his PADDs. "Anyways, radiation. This Charybdis Sector, it's rife with radiation."

"Light's bothering you?" Buck asked, slipping into the offered chair. "Sure is. Bathed in the stuff."

"No, just trying to remember what he did, or even why, they seemed fine," Calvin shrugged. "What kind of precautions were taken the last time you were here? It seems like with the multitude levels and types it's going to take a multi angle attack to keep the crew safe,"

A PADD was slipped on the table and passed to the Doctor. "This is the more medical jargon version of the exact cocktails we were fed. Command opted to take a more preventative approach: they dosed those of us in areas of greater exposure with a mix of Hyronalin and Arithrazine."

Calvin nodded gently as he skimmed the PADD slid to him. "That's not too far off from what I had anticipated. Makes me feel better about my research. What did you have as far as lifeforms onboard? Anything besides humans?"

Buck shook his head. "There was one Vulcan and me. The others were all human. Thucydides was a small ship. 33 crew total."

Calvin frowned slightly, "Unfortunate for us." His computer beeped which took his attention for a moment. "We have so many species on board, and the radiation will effect them all differently. That's the major problem I'm running into right now. And there are a couple I'm pretty sure are going to have some serious issues with it."

"Could we do something like they did in Chernobyl?" Buck asked.

"Chernobyl?" Calvin responded, confused. "Earth history?"

"That's the one." Buck nodded. "When the Reds were clearing up after the explosion they didn't have anything to properly protect their troops from the worst of the rads, right? So they worked out how much exposure a person could take before it made 'em sick and allowed them to work for just that long." He paused, trying to work out if the doctor was following where he was going with this, and if not present the opportunity to ask questions.

"So," He said stopping to consider the point. "Have a well shielded area of refuge, and then have crew leave it for only safe amounts, returning before it gets dangerous?" He leaned back in his chair, thinking about it. "It's a possibility I hadn't thought about. Would be easier than trying to turn the entire ship into a safe haven possibly. An idea I'll include with my inoculation and medication requirements." He tapped away at the computer for a moment, before glancing up at one of the wall mounted screens. Another frown. "Seems like some of our crew might be out of work entirely unless we can fully shield the ship though. Medicine can go far, but this radiation is just plain nasty."

Buck's glance followed Calvin's, but the information on the screen meant little to his non medically trained eyes. "Some real exotic stuff out round the older storm fronts too. Thalaron and something we thought might be anti-spiroid epsilion waves. Aenera will have a field day with it."

"One person's trash is another's treasure, so they say," Calvin replied. He leaned forward in his chair, pondering all the information. "Any other tidbits you can think of? I don't want to take more of your time than I need to, and I believe I have a conversation with the XO coming up next. Some of our crew I do not believe can handle any of the radiation."

"Medically? No." Buck shook his head. "Got an idea that might mean that those that can't deal the radiation don't have to be exposed to it at all though."

"What's the idea?" Calvin responded, obviously intrigued at a possible solution to a problem he was potentially facing.

"Astraea's a carrier, right?" The question was entirely rhetorical. "Refit the shuttles with as much radiation shielding as they can handle, does up the pilots for good measure and send them in to search for the ship. Everyone else can stay safe and sound outside the radiation zones."

"Interesting idea, I wonder if the shuttles can be outfitted like that. Outside my scope of knowledge for sure," Calvin pondered for a moment before continuing. "it would cut down on the inoculations and issues we would have ship wide though for sure. Is that doable?"

"Should be a matter of simple physical shielding. But it'll be up to the Captain at the end of the day."

Calvin nodded. He understood some of what went along with physical radiation protection design, but it being not his specialty it didn't get much further than the radioactive systems he used in medical from time to time. He let a few thoughts swirl around in his head about the situation. "I appreciate your input. I'll give this PADD a good read through before my final report to the Captain. Hopefully it'll save me some time doing tests to find the right dosages."

Buck regarded the doctor with a wary eye. "So does that mean I ain't getting my shots now?"

Calvin shook his head. "Not until we get closer. These medications don't have the longest half life and I want to give everyone the best chance of making it through with minimal discomfort," *or damage* he continued in his head. "Unless you're talking whiskey, and then yes you most definitely can," He finished with a sly smile.

The pilot laughed as he stood. "I heard vodka was better for preventing radiation sickness."

Calvin nodded with a smile and a chuckle, "Well then I'll have the medical teams equipped with bottles of vodka and shot glasses. Gotta keep the crew safe, right?"


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