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USS Astraea -- NCC 80819 -- Commanding Officers Report -- August 2019

Posted on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 11:24pm by Captain Abigail Laurens
Edited on Sat Nov 2nd, 2019 @ 10:46pm

Crew Information:

New Crew Since Last Report:

Lieutenant Junior Grade Aram Tovas
1st Lieutenant S\'tal
Lieutenant Mica Rue

Crew Removed Since Last Report:

Crew Promotions/Demotions Since Last Report:

Simm Information:

Current Mission Title:
War & Peacekeeping

Mission Description:
The USS Astraea has been tasked with delivering the Political delegates from Trion 8 from Starbase 357 to their home colony on Trion 8. Travelling in conjunction with the USS Zendaya, who is carrying the Trion Isurgents, hell bent on destruction of the entire Trion Governmental System.

3 days into the journey the USS Zendaya suffers a catastrophic systems failure which renders the entire vessel out of service pending major repairs. The Astraea is ordered to rendezvous with the Zendaya to collect the remaining Trion delegates and return them all to their home.

Can the Astraea get all the Trion colonists back to their homes without civil war breaking out on the ship?

Total Number of In-Character Posts This Month:
110 (one hundred and ten)

Ship/Website Awards and Awards Given Crew:

Post of the Month:
A Mercy Posting -- Lieutenant Aleksander Voroshilov & Commander Abigail Laurens

CO's Merit Award:
Lieutenant Bertram \'Bert\' Engels Jr

Awarded to Lieutenant Bert Engels for continued quiet dedication to his position, for always being willing to work with anyone on the ship and for always making his posts enjoyable, both for the players involved and the players reading along

XO's Merit Award
Master Chief Petty Officer Hans-Peter König
Far too often, various characters on a ship are somewhat complacent to the transgressions of others for the sake of just
advancing the plot and turn a blind eye to the weirdness of other characters. NOT THIS GUY! MCPO Konig is a beast in regards to
regulations and he is not to be tested or trifled with. Well done.

Exemplary Service Award
Lieutenant Aleksander Voroshilov
Outstanding Performance with a total of 21 posts for the month of July.

Crews Choice Award
Lieutenant William Rogers
For always being friendly and great to write with!

Post of the Month submission:
One out of every hundred men -- Lieutenant Aleksander Voroshilov & Master Chief Petty Officer Hans-Peter König

Sim Status, Updates and Additional Comments:

Mission Updates for August:

July found Astraea in full swing of the current mission. With both the official Trion government delegates aboard as well as an assembly of members from the TLF (Trion Liberation Front) tempers and tensions have been high aboard the ship, resulting in a bar fight breaking out with several members of the Astraea caught in the middle.

When the security advisor for the Trion Government is found dead (presumably murdered) in his quarters aboard the ship,
blame is almost immediately directed toward the TLF, but were they really responsible for this violent act?

The discovery of a second body, this time a member of the TLF leaves the impression of an act of retaliation.

Can the crew of the Astraea get to the bottom of this before full scale war breaks out aboard the ship?

With less than two days of travel time remaining before they reach Trion, will the crew of the Astraea find out what really

Even if they do get the answers they need, is there anything the Astraea can do without damaging the Federations reputation?

Stay tuned next month to find out!

Other Sim Updates:

At the end of July, we made a command decision to change the requirements for the CO’s Merit and XO’s Merit awards.

The CO’s Merit Award is now described as follows:
This commendation recognizes a silent achiever who has maintained significant contributions to the story, without necessarily contributing an excess of posts. Quality, over quantity

The XO’s Merit Award is now described as follows:
"She's an alien from another arm of the galaxy. Bitch do what she want."

A full list of all awards able to be presented on USS Astraea and their relevant descriptions and images are available here:


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