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Problem Elements

Posted on Fri May 29th, 2020 @ 9:36pm by Lieutenant Farizah Alani & Lieutenant Bianca Lee
Edited on on Fri May 29th, 2020 @ 9:40pm

Mission: Around The World in 8 Days
Location: Security Office


Bianca slowly made her way down the hallway towards the security offices. She'd not yet met the new Security Chief, but then again she was the new Chief of Strategic Operations, so it made sense that they hadn't met, especially since Lieutenant Farizah Alani had been on the surface for most of the last few days and Bianca had arrived and stayed on the ship, except for a few brief trips. She hadn't wanted to go home, too much pressure.

The final few steps were made at more of a normal pace and her back straightened as she made a mental note to NOT embarrass herself like she'd been doing for when she'd first met most of the senior officers of the Astraea. She keyed the door and stepped inside, immediately noticing the Bolian that just HAD to be Farizah, the only one on the ship if her memory was right, "Lieutenant Alani?" She asked as she approached, "Ah'm Lieutenant Bianca Lee, Chief of Strategic Operations, do you have a minute by chance?

"You aren't a marine. So, I have all the time you need" replied the Bolian with a small chuckle. "Wasn't too hard to find me I take it? A Bolian woman aboard, I stick out in a crowd" added the Security Chief. She was interested to see what the Chief of Strategic Operations wanted. "What can I do for you?"

"Ohh, not much, Ah'm mostly just dropping by to say hello and welcome to the ship. Of course, Ah'm also new to the ship." She waved that away, "But Ah started out as a tactical cadet and wanted to be sure to offer my services if they're ever required." Her voice was as smooth as honey.

Farizah smiled. This is the sort of pleasantries I look forward to she thought to herself. "Lieutenant, I would gladly take you up on that offer" the Bolian replied. "The department was in poor shape when I took over. I have a Marine CO who's trying to dump leathernecks onto me and an Intelligence Officer who has determined via their own drill that my department is negligent."

“That would be the same Intelligence Officer who decided to set explosives around the ship while Ah was taking the Bridge Waych and set them off to prove that Ah was not as observant as Ah should be?” It was more of a rhetorical question, because that was probably the drill he’d used on the Security Chief and Bianca shook her head slightly, “Got me chewed out by the Capt’in, one of which reasons Ah’m here is that either you or the Intelligence guy gets to babysit me to ‘train ‘ me on bridge watches, which Ah did on the Monterrosa quite often, on my own after bein’ babysat by officers there as well before graduatin’ to watchin’ mah own rear end.”

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" replied Farizah. "I have an issue with the Marine CO and the Chief Intelligence Officer has effectively made my list" she added. "I would happily help you if you help me. We can team up and take care of them both."

"Ah haven't yet met Colonel Hayter, but the name does bring up the wrong initial image." Bianca agreed, "But Ah think Ah can agree with teamin' up against them, especially that asshole of a Vulcan... Ah called him that to his face and he went and told the Capt'in about it. All Ah was doin' was tellin' the truth."

"You'll need to have a little more tact if you're going to last here" replied Farizah. "Careful with who you confront and how directly you do so, but I agree with your assessment. He is a bit of an asshole."

"Ah think Ah was in the right with it, to be honest, given that he'd put a small device on the command chair that triggered the explosive sensor. Ah called for the duty crew to evacuate the bridge and after the device started to beep hunkered down behind the Ops console and basically waited to see if Ah was gonna die." Bianca's hand clenched into a fist at the memory, "Ah was a bit frazzled at the moment and yeah, Ah coulda handled it better."

"Yes, and my security department failed to stop him or do anything about it" Farizah said. "So, they came by my office to inform me about it. He was kind enough to offer to help me with my department, but I would rather be didn't go around running his little simulated war games."

"Let's see, we're in orbit around the Capital of the Federation, several dozen other starships in the immediate area as well as a pair of major space stations in orbit. Probably sixty percent of the crew was off the ship on extended shore leave, maybe more than that, and THIS was the time he chose to play his game?" Bianca was worked up over this again, "Honestly, it wasn't a representative moment for him to pull this trick. We are in a secure zone and the odds of someone comin' on board to sabotage the ship are basically one in a million or so."

"The odds are not what matters to someone like the Chief Intelligence Officer, they simply care about results and standards. We both failed in their book" Farizah replied. "I will look into the matters further and keep you updated. Please let me know if you have any additional problems with them."

"And if Ah find anythin' out, Ah'll also let you know on things Ah find." Bianca smiled, "Oh, and expect at least a weekly briefing report on the state of the Federation and locales we're in. Ah'm doing every two days for the Captain and Exec, complete with items of interest for where we're headin' and the areas we're in at the time. Also part of the job for me."

"I look forward to it" replied Farizah. "Try not let the assholes ruin your day" added the Bolian. She gave a pleasant smile in return.

"Asshole, singular." Bianca felt she needed to correct, "Ah'm holdin' out that the Captain just reacted to the Intelligence freak. But Ah suppose Ah've taken up enough of your time, ma'am." Her accent turned the last word into 'Mayam'.

"Bye, Lieutenant," Farizah said as the other woman departed.


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