Lieutenant Bianca Lee

Name Bianca Grace Lee

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 107 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Bianca is a short woman with a classic red shade of her shoulder-length hair that she rarely puts up. Being smaller and relatively weak, she's not often found doing much that's very heavily physical. She has a handful of freckles on each cheek.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jedediah Lee
Mother Jenna Cavanaugh Lee
Brother(s) Robert Lee (28)
Sister(s) Clementine Georgia Lee (17)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bianca is a calm and smooth officer who has a honeyed voice that's as smooth as silk with the confidence and nerve to match. While her smooth Southern accent is deep and sometimes difficult to understand, she stands by her convictions and has an ethical and honor-bound sense about her. Her smile can brighten an entire room when she wants to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Bianca is known to keep her cool in a tough situation. She was an actress in school and has been known to use personalities not her own from time to time.

She also has a gift for languages, being mostly fluent in Standard, Ts'usugi, and Romulan with significant knowledge with Ferengi, Klingon and several other languages. While learning languages, she's also learned about the species that speak those languages, helping her for when or if she needs to develop some new tactics involving those races.

Unfortunately, Bianca also tends to think she can do more physically than she's actually able, but knows to keep to her limits when not just practicing
Ambitions Command of her own ship
Hobbies & Interests Civil War Era re-enactment
Acting in plays and musicals
Krav Maga
Games of all kinds
Flight simulation (to keep qualified)

Personal History From a young age, Bianca Grace Lee was very well aware of her great-to-the-umpteenth grandfather Robert E Lee, the commanding general of the Army of Northern Virginia and of the Confederate States. Her father, a historian and Civil War re-enactor, raised her into the life of re-enactment and she quickly stole the hearts of many of the southern men in the business when she showed up to her first scene in a cute little dress. Bianca never lived up to her father's 5'10" height, topping out at 5'3" before her fifteenth birthday. She went through the lady's tradition of a Debut Dance to signify her turning into a young woman and becoming available for marriage, or at least courting. She'd been a part of her school's drama department as well, never obtaining a leading role, though.

But despite how much she enjoyed being a belle of the balls, wanderlust struck Bianca as she graduated from high school and on a whim applied for Starfleet, being accepted into the tactical class in early 2384. She became much more physical as she started and became very engrossed in her studies, taking to the tactical classes in particular as she also learned the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a martial art that she became quite intrigued with. She kept finding herself near the top of her class and during her senior year was called at no notice to bring four of her fellow cadets and take a test. The Kobayashi Maru test, which she was placed in, resulted in the 'death' of her and her ship, though her approach to it was intriguing, using deception to distract the Klingon aggressors into focusing on her while she sent a shuttle with a repair team ballistic and under emissions control to rescue the Maru.

Upon graduation, Bianca was placed on the new Ascension-class starship USS Montreal as an Ensign in her tactical department. She was innovative with the development of tactics involving both the Ascension-class as well as her fighter elements and in 2384 was approached by the Chief of Intelligence on board the Montreal and became a part of the Strategic Operations section of the ship, where she would be an essential piece of the development of tactics and strategies for the class. With her acting experience, she was also instructed in some intelligence gathering operations to round out her experiences. The Chief of Intelligence on board the Montreal was a particularly paranoid person, also pushing her to become qualified on the basics of flying shuttlecraft and even the Valkyrie-class fighter, though it was plainly obvious it wasn't something she'd be very good at.

In 2387, Bianca was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and placed as the Assistant Chief of Strategic Operations on board the Montreal, also taking the senior officers up on becoming qualified to taking third watch on board a ship. She became rather adept at putting together disparate bits of information and making them work together. After the five year cruise of the USS Montreal, Bianca was transferred to the USS Monterrosa as part of a normal rotation of officers and was sent out to the Delta Quadrant where she met some Ts'usugi officers and rapidly learned the language, in an effort to get to know them better.

The voyage out in the Delta Quadrant helped Bianca expand her horizons, meeting and learning about new species and how they reacted and acted, using what she'd learned about some of the races a couple times against them. In 2391, her boss was transferredd off of the Monterrosa and Bianca was promoted to Chief Strategic Operations Officer, already having the rank of Lieutenant from 2390. She spent another two years on the Monterrosa, through that five year tour before being returned to Earth and was then reassigned to the USS Astraea once it returned from it's most current mission.
Service Record 2379-2383- Starfleet Academy, Tactical then Diplomatic
2383-2388- USS Montreal, Tactical Officer/Strategic Operations Officer
2388-2393- USS Monterrosa, Asst. Chief Strategic Operation/Chief Strategic Operations officer
2393-Present- USS Astraea, Chief Strategic Operations