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Security Deficiency

Posted on Fri May 29th, 2020 @ 12:41am by Lieutenant Farizah Alani & Lieutenant Commander T'Vek

Mission: Around The World in 8 Days


Lieutenant Alani was standing at the replicator going through the menu of yes options when she finally decided on one. "hwangcha hot," she ordered and waited for the tea to formulate.

Lieutenant Commander T'Vek cleared his throat meaningfully behind the Bolian Security Officer, having managed to skillfully get behind her while exploiting the natural blind spots present both in the intervening environment as well as a person's vision. Even if he hadn't been actively trying to sneak up on the woman... which he was... it would have likely ended the same way given that it had become more reflex than anything after 40 years of questionable service to the Federation.

"The Captain suggested I speak with you regarding the failure of a readiness drill conducted at the behest of Starfleet Intelligence. I hope now is a suitable time," the Vulcan said with all the usual discipline typical of his race.

The Bolian did not startle easily. She calmly retrieved her tea from the pad and looked up meeting the man's gaze. "You know, a few seconds later and any other Security Chief you may have ended up wearing this tea on your uniform," she stated sipping the yellow tea. "I don't like failure. So, now is as good of a time as any," she added gesturing to an empty table.

"Indeed," T'Vek murmured as he sat down opposite the Bolian, "I'm not sure what you have and have not been told regarding the drill in question, so I will summarize it for you. I was able to gain access to the ship, ascend from Deck 8 to the bridge unchallenged by any member of the crew onboard, allowed to set no fewer than five explosive devices, and use a bridge console to sabotage the response efforts of the officer on watch. Had this not been a drill, I could have easily hijacked the vessel or in the worse case, destroyed it entirely."

The moment the Vulcan uttered the word 'destroyed', his lips curled into a rather mirthful grin.

"So," T'Vek continued, the grin only slightly faded, "I believe it would be prudent to go over what your response policies are... and create plans of action to prevent future failures."

"Well, to be frank, my two predecessors appeared to have their hands full with an unruly bunch of security personnel, and their leadership abilities left much to be desired," she explained, "The Marines aboard... I am not thrilled about, but I am trying to make peace."

She sighed. "Well, congratulations on exposing the complete failure of ship security. Had I been there, I would have had you in a holding cell, but aside from bridge shifts, my responsibilities place me here on administrative tasks."

"The goal, ideally, is to make sure that even when you are not here, intruders are dealt with accordingly, even if the ship is orbiting Earth," the Vulcan said flatly, "I do not expect that you should have to stay anchored to the vessel at all times. What I believe I... as well as yourself... should expect, however, is that your department is capable of the same level of vigilance without your supervision as with it."

"Welcome to the Astraea," the Bolian said, "I have not been here long enough myself to get everything tucked away and I have no Assistant Chief underneath me as of yet. At least one of my security officer's had a formal reprimand and was dangerously close to having charges against them from the previous Security Chief, and no. I am not trying to give you excuses. I want results."

"I did not take it as such, Lieutenant," the Vulcan said dismissively, "Should you like, I can give you some of the recommended corrective action plans I've developed for you use as a roadmap to... how do humans say it? Whip them into shape. Or, should you think you would benefit from it, I could assist you in a much more hands on way. As I stated to the Captain previously, I would like to do what I can to prevent this ship from unwanted and preventable harm in the future... as I currently have a vested interest in doing so."

Farizah nodded. "I would take any help that I can get, but I do not want to pull you away from your own duties, Commander. I know that you want to prevent harm aboard as well as the over 800 and some souls aboard" she replied. "Whatever you have for recommendations, I'll take into consideration."

"Very well, Lieutenant, I shall send you the workups I've done shortly. Should you have questions for me, I'll be happy to assist," the Vulcan said, giving the Bolian a pleasant grin.

"Thank you" Farizah replied. She did appreciate any help she could get in improving the department, though she thought the means of exploiting the department's weaknesses made it rather clear the Chief Intelligence Officer was a bit of an asshole. She would be monitoring the situation closely.

Farizah proceeded to escort the Vulcan to the doorway of her office. "I will be in touch, Commander" she said parting ways with the Chief Intelligence Officer.


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