Lieutenant Commander T'Vek

Name T'Vek

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 63

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 147lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slightly subdued Vulcan features; slightly smaller than average ears, less pronounced brow ridge, and slightly diminished height due to his Human lineage.


Father Sural, Scientist, Vulcan Science Academy
Mother Captain (Retired) Teresa Hillstead, Homemaker

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS: Extremely dexterous hands allowing for intricate construction and manipulation of the most delicate objects, a calm demeanor borne from his time spent studying Vulcan mental disciplines, Mastery of all things explosive in nature

LIMITATIONS: While a student of Vulcan mental discipline, he never finished the training, which tends to show through in momentary lapses of anger, frustration, laughter, and other emotional responses that are not typical of Vulcans. Socially awkward, he has a tendency to avoid people with whom he feels he shares no similar interests or background with.

Personal History T’Vek was born to a Vulcan father and Human mother, both of which had served in Starfleet prior to their meeting. It was his father who left Starfleet when his wife, Teresa, was pregnant with their only child to tend to the business of parenthood while Teresa finished out her career. Essentially being raised by a single parent, thanks to his mother’s constant deployments on deep space exploration missions, T’Vek didn’t have the advantage of understanding his dual lineage until his teenage years, when it was all but too late for him to come to terms with his diverse background. T’Vek was by far one of the worst students during his childhood, acting out and generally shirking off his responsibilities as an act of defiance toward his father, whom he considered an unfeeling and tactless caregiver. When he entered his secondary education, his father decided that for his son to better understand him, he initiated a mind meld, sharing all the things buried behind his unfeeling Vulcan exterior. Sural later admitted that his actions had been in desperation, as he had feared his son would take his acts of defiance too far and leave his parents for good.

The mind meld had the intended effect, T’Vek came to understand and appreciate his father’s ways even if he didn’t always agree with them. It also inspired the young Vulcan to begin studying Vulcan mental disciplines in order to control some of his more explosive emotions. Just before turning 18, T’Vek was given the opportunity to take the path to Kolinahr, but he declined, saying that his emotional human side was not a weakness to be purged, but something to be controlled and used when situations required it.

When T’Vek expressed interest in joining Starfleet, his father expressed his earnest disagreement with his choice, citing that he had neither the grades nor the personal discipline to undertake such an endeavor. His mother, however, disagreed with her husband, and called in more than one favor to allow her son to slip past the usual academic screenings that would have otherwise kept him from being accepted.
Service Record 2348-2349: General Studies, Starfleet Academy, Cadet, First Year
2349-2350: Engineering Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Cadet, Second Year
2350-2351: Engineering Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Cadet, Third Year
2351-2352: Intelligence Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Cadet, Fourth Year
2352-2354: Weapons/Demolition Expert, Intelligence Team XI, Ensign
2354-2360: Demolition Specialist, Intelligence Team XI, Lieutenant Junior Grade
2360-2365: Master Demolition Specialist/Instructor, Intelligence Team
XI, Lieutenant
2365-2369: Master Demolition Specialist/Second Officer, Intelligence
Team XI, Lt. Cmdr.
2370: Acting Executive Officer, Intelligence Team XI, Lt. Commander
2371-2375: Master Demolition Specialist/Second Officer, Intelligence
Team XI, Lt. Cmdr.
2375-2381: Acting Commanding Officer, Intelligence Team XI, Commander
2381-2383: Chief Engineer, USS Intrepid, Lieutenant Commander
2383-2386: Chief Engineer, USS Yorktown, Lieutenant Commander
2386-2388: Chief Engineer, USS Oberon, Lieutenant Commander
2389-2393: Intelligence Operative, Starfleet Intelligence, Lieutenant Commander


In the summer of 2348, Cadet T’Vek entered Starfleet Academy. His first year was spent playing catch-up academically. His inattentiveness in school had caught up to him warp speed, and he
nearly flunked out. If it hadn’t been for a Fourth Year Marine Cadet, one Charles Howden, he would have been sent packing. Cadet Howden, however, took it upon himself to mentor the Vulcan after witnessing a rather intense fight between T’Vek and a group of Human students who had taken to insulting his dual heritage one afternoon during a lunch break. T’Vek had deftly trounced several of the men before being overwhelmed by sheer numbers, which spurred Cdt. Howden to intervene. At first, T’Vek was reluctant to accept the Marine’s offers to help him in his career, feeling not at all confident that he was any different than the Humans who had insulted and assaulted him.

Before the year was over, however, T’Vek had warmed up to and took the advice and counsel of the elder Cadet, forming a friendship that would last, unbeknown to the two of them at the time, for many decades to come. It was Howden who turned the Vulcan on to Engineering, in fact,
after noticing that T’Vek had a masterful eye for technical details and the dexterity to do even the smallest forms of repair. When Howden graduated and moved on in his career, T’Vek took up the
engineering profession, becoming a much better student and all around Cadet than his first year would have indicated he would turn out to be.

At the end of his third year, Second Lieutenant Howden paid his old friend a visit, laying out a plan for the Vulcan’s future that seemed far too good to pass up. Howden explained that he had been recruited into an Intelligence Team, and having returned from one of many missions he’d been on already as an Intelligence officer for the team, he had plenty of stories to relate to the impressionable Vulcan. Because of Howden’s masterful manipulations, T’Vek requested Intelligence training, which he was granted, never knowing that Howden’s commanding officer, Commander Grindle, had already set it up.

Upon graduation from the Academy, Ensign T’Vek was recruited, formally this time, to join ITXI, where he became the student of his Academy friend in the area of Weapons and Demolition. His first two years spent under Howden’s guidance gave the Vulcan not only a sense of belonging but a sense of purpose. This was motivation enough for him to make himself an expert in his job. Before long, Charles was learning from T’Vek, who had surpassed him in the area of explosive
construction and utilization. When his friend moved to take on the Infiltration Specialist position within the team, T’Vek was appointed Demolition Expert, a nod to his skills with all things pyrotechnic. His knowledge of engineering practices coupled with his almost fanatical
devotion to the explosive arts gave rise to T’Vek constructing some of the most deadly improvised explosive devices that Starfleet had ever seen. Several of his designs were placed into standard inventories of all Intelligence operative thanks to their effectiveness and utility
in all manner of covert operations.

Early in 2360, Captain Grindle elevated T’Vek to the title of Master Demolition Specialist, and charged him with the task of training new field operatives that came to the team in basic explosive theory as well as taking on apprentices that showed aptitude in the art. In the
five years he served as an instructor, the Vulcan produced some of the best demolition operatives the team had enjoyed since he’d been a field operative, which garnered great respect and eventually a promotion in both rank and position.

Serving as the Second Officer of ITXI meant he took over the administrative functions of the team while the rest of his teammates handled the actual grunt work. He was in charge of the reports, logistics, recruitment and retention matters, and anything else that made the team run smoothly in addition to his regular duties as a training officer. This lasted until 2370, when Major Howden departed the team for a year to attend the Marine War College in an effort to take over the role of Executive Officer permanently. In that year, T’Vek had the honor of being the Acting XO, which brought him out of the home office and back out in the field, which gave him ample
opportunity to reinforce his usefulness to the team in matters other than administrative.

During the years of the Dominion War, T’Vek and the rest of ITXI engaged in the less covert business of defending the Federation. He spent a good deal of time on the front lines using his skills as a Master Demolition Specialist to destroy many outposts and even vessels in an effort to turn the tides of battle in the Federation’s favor. He was cited numerous times for his actions, becoming one of the most decorated operative on the team before the war was over.

After the war, T’Vek was given command of the team proper as Admiral Grindle and Lt. Colonel Howden moved to Starfleet Intelligence. In that time, he executed the orders and plans laid out to solidify his former CO’s center of power as he endeavored to overthrow the Federation government. When his plans were foiled with the held of Lt. Colonel Howden and the members of ITIV, T’Vek decided to retire from his Intelligence career and return to Engineering, something he had done very little of in the years prior.

His first assignment was a rather brief one. He essentially got his ‘sea legs’ back and applied for a transfer, much the same as his second assignment. He found it hard to adjust to ‘normal’ fleet life, as most people had never even heard of his former unit or the things they’d done. The only time they recalled his unit was in reference to Grindle’s assassination of the Federation President, which never put him in the good graces of any crew. After he found that Fleet life to be too different from his former occupation, T’Vek requested his reinstatement to Starfleet Intelligence, where he seemed to regain a good bit of his confidence… and sanity...