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A Harry Conclusion

Posted on Sat May 16th, 2020 @ 10:44pm by Lieutenant Farizah Alani & Captain Abigail Laurens

Mission: Around The World in 8 Days
Location: Earth


Abigail caught a glimpse of the two of them in a mirror across the lounge. Neither of them looked like they were about to commit a criminal act, in fact, quite the opposite. Neither of them was even remotely out of place in the glamorous surroundings of Ch√Ęteau Saint-Martin.

She smiled at a passing waiter, turning the wine glass on the table between her hands as she glanced across at Farizah. "So, how do we accomplish this?" she asked quietly.

Farziah was dressed not quite to the nines, but an 8.5 was a reasonable assessment. She had her dress personally tailored to show the right amount of cleavage and highlight all her Bolian assets in full. "We have already won" she said optimistically. "We had the ability to Waltz in through the front door and are dressed as stunningly as acceptable, enough to give the Bride a run for her money in my opinion" the Bolian said.

She smiled and inched closer to the Captain as casually as she could. "The mistake novice operatives make is fussing about being nondescript. We have chosen the right approach. Mingle with these aristocratic plastic mannequins" Farizah said in a hushed voice. "It's alright to stand out. I'm blue a woman in a sea of shades of cream and honey. Flaunt it."

Abigail laughed and shook her head. The confidence that her Security Chief exuded was off the charts. "Well, I'll take your lead. Though I think I might trade the lolly water for some real dutch courage. You want something from the bar? And then we shall mingle."

"I like a woman who knows when to yield to her subordinates" teased the Bolian Chief of Security. She nodded in response to the Captain's inquiry. "I'll take an aviation or a vibrant sunrise. If that's too complex, I'll just take some good sex on the beach, but only if the bartender looks like they can handle me."

Choking back a laugh and managing to NOT spit her drink, Abigail stood up and headed for the bar, returning a few moments later and sliding two brightly coloured drinks in front of them. "His name is Noah, he gets off at 2 and he likes to hang around in a club called Omnia after," Abigail said with a grin.

The Bolian peeked out around the Captain. "Oh he's a nice snack that one" she said commenting about the bartender named Noah. "I'll pass though. I just got out of a relationship and if my husbands don't cause a fuss, my wives will" she said shaking her head. "Though I may just snag Noah's number for a friend."

Abigail shook her head and took a sip of her drink. "I think, once they arrive, we say hello, make our excuses, deliver Harry and get back to the Astraea, what do you think?"

"That is what I had in mind" Farizah said agreeingly. "Had a look at the blueprints. Should be relatively easy to get up there, and I brought my best tools from my lock picking kit" she added. "If that doesn't go well, then you can cause a distraction and I'll pop the control panel and start crossing circuits and moving chips around."

Before Abigail could respond, there was a round of applause and cheering that broke out in the room that signified the arrival of the happy couple. Abigail groaned inwardly and finished her drink, setting the empty glass on the table. "Well, I guess that's our signal to go," She said with a smile. "Shall we?"

"We shall," replied Farizah nodding with approval. "Exchange our pleasantries and such. Then you and I will make our way out and do what we came here for."

Standing up, Abigail smoothed the front of her dress, every inch of her the perfect picture of elegance and grace as she tucked her hand into Farizah's arm and cast a dazzling smile. They stepped into line to meet the happy couple, shared a glass of champagne, some kind words and a laugh before moving away, ostensibly to enjoy the rest of the festivities.

Moments later the two of them slipped out the doors from the hall and moved through the corridors. Just a glance at Abigail made it clear she was trying very hard to not laugh. "I have a room here, just up the hall from theirs. I just need to stop there momentarily to retrieve Harry and we are good to go."

"Oh" Farizah responded a bit surprised, but it made sense. "I was wondering where he was. I had doubted you'd be able to squeeze him into a purse or a thing" the Bolian added. "I brought my tools with me."

Abigail laughed and smoothed her hands again over the form fitting dress that hugged her every curve. "I'm afraid it would be a little hard to hide Harry in this," she said with a grin. "Having him in my luggage and transported directly to my room was perfectly acceptable."

Pausing in front of a door, Abigail keyed in an access code and stepped through once the doors were opened she stepped through and opened a suitcase, picking up a large, intricately wrapped box. Turning back to Farizah, she held it up. "I thought this might be less obvious," she said with a sweet smile.

Farziah smiled "Well, I will give you that it is less obvious" she replied as the Bolian reached down into the protruding deep cut of the neckline of her dress and rummaged around her bossom, pulling out what looked like a makeup compact. It was deceiving; however, as it contained some of Farizah's tools. She popped the compact open and inside was a small variety of bits. The Bolian reached down and lifted the dress to show a holster on her ankle that contained a larger tool. "Always come prepared and pretty."

"Come on, I have a bottle of Bolian Wine chilling in my quarters for once we're done." Abigail carried the gift box carefully as they headed back into the corridor. Indeed no one so much as gave them a second glance, at least not in an untoward way. There was definitely turned heads, something Abigail attributed to the flair that Farizah exuded from every pore, yet she seemed completely indifferent to the fact. "Should be just around the corner," Abigail said quietly. "Room 10-51."

"10-51," she said several moments later upon arriving at the location. Farizah retrieved the device from her ankle holster and affixed one of the 'bits' to the device which when she activated it let out a very subdued humming. "A few minutes and we should be able to get in" she said optimistically.

The sound of footfalls approaching made her stop. Someone was indeed coming and Farizah did what felt most logical to her. She reached around the Captain's waistline and pulled her close as two gentlemen proceeded to walk by. Farizah pressed her lips against the Captain's for a few seconds and slowly retracted "I cannot wait to get our honeymoon started my precious girl" she said in a sing-songy tone which would pass as someone who was likely intoxicated.

Abigail gasped in surprise as she was pulled in, her eyes widening until she realised they had company. Holding the gift box under one arm. "What can I say," she purred back as she watched them passing from the corner of one eye. "Good things are worth waiting for."

The two men, though they looked at the women, seemed too distracted by the spectacle to see what was truly going on. They were soon out of sight and Farizah looked at the Captain almost apologetically, but with a clear sense of pridefulness. "This is certainly not a night either of us are going to forget."

"Just don't tell David," she quipped in response. "He's the jealous type." Abigail took a small step back, watching as Farizah returned to working on the lock to open the door. "You're scary, you know that? In a completely impressive way."

"Ah well now that Tom and Dick are gone, can get get Harry into the bedroom" replied Farizah with some determination.

Farizah cackled a little as she worked on the picking the lock and overriding the system. Her Security training was putting people into rooms, small rooms with force fields, not breaking and entering; however, one picked up many hobbies. "You'll have to tell me more about this David of you" she replied and then something gave way fir Farizah's efforts as the doorway parted. "The bedrooms awaits us my lady."

The final comment, after the last interaction between them made Abigail raise an eyebrow slightly. Instead of responding she slipped through the doors, gift box in hand and headed straight for the master bedroom of the luxurious suite. Setting the gift box on the middle of the bed, Abigail paused for a moment, a wicked grin crossing her face.

Moving as quickly as her heels allowed her, Abigail moved into the small personal dining space, she replicated a large bowl of red and pink rose petals before returning to the bedroom, now unable to help but giggle as she picked up handful after handful and tossed them over the bed and the floor around the bedroom.

"Can you access the lighting system?" she asked with a wicked grin. "I think they need some nice, safe, fake candles, don't you? It will really help to highlight the mood."

"Can I?" she echoed and dismissively did what was necessary to access the lighting. "I may not be perfect, but I know my way around a few things" Farizah added. "Just the right touch of lighting. Make sure you leave Harry somewhere good."

Abigail opened the gift box and removed Harry, placing him carefully in the center of the bed, surrounded by rose petals, the dark colouring of his body glistening invitingly in the candlelight. She she stepped back, linking her arm through her companion's, unable to help but smile as she looked at the scene. "Well, I think we did good. How about we get the hell out of here now? Before we get caught and I get stuck with Harry for another year!"

Farizah nodded. "If we are lucky we may make it down there before all the dessert is gone" she replied. "I could use some pastries and bonbons, Captain. This has been fun. Please, do not hesitate to call upon my services again. If dates with you are like this even most of the time, I may have to put a ring on it."

A look exhanged between the two solidified that the two had been through quite a night of fun, and there was no telling exactly what shenanigans would be ahead for the two of them, but Farizah felt something special. It was not anything like that she had felt for any of her wives or husbands. It was genuine admiration and respect, as if her soul had been split in half unknowingly at birth, and the two halves were whole once more in that moment.


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