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Chief Engineer of the Astraea

Posted on Mon Jan 13th, 2020 @ 3:34pm by Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Thor

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Engineering, New Quarters
Timeline: After the briefing


Chief Petty Officer Ben Thor entered Engineering looking a little bit stressed. He had awoken this morning thinking it would just be another normal day. Little did he know that his life was going to get flipped upside down over the course of just one meeting.

"Lieutenant, can I have a minute of your time" Ben said towards the on-duty officer as he headed towards the Chief Engineers Office, his office. Upon entering Ben sat in the chief engineer's seat and offered the seat opposite to the Lieutenant.

"I wish to let you know that as of now, I have become the Chief Engineer of the Astraea" Ben stated watching the reaction of the Lieutenant.

The Lieutenant looked a shocked about this, just a few weeks ago he oversaw Ben and other Enlisted personal during the Philadelphia Watch in engineering and now he is being told that this enlisted officer was now the Chief Engineer.

He coughed a bit and tried to mock a laugh, "Nice job sir, you know we are not on the playground, right?" It was noticeable that he was tensing up a little.

Noticing his colleague getting a little angry Ben tried to defuse the situation "woah there, chill, relax cool down, this is no slight on your skills the Captain just wants me to take over for a while stepping up from the assistant role I was doing for Lieutenant Rue."

"Maybe we could go wind down in the holodecks after this, shoot some of that B-Ball you always told me about" Ben added noticing the Lieutenant visibly calm down a little.

"No good" the now calm Lieutenant stated, "I have dinner planned after the shift" he added getting a bit more jovial with his tone.

"Ahhh wouldn't want to get you in trouble" Ben replied joining the jovial tone. "Maybe some other time?"

"Maybe unless you're scared you would lose." A retort came, "So what are the benefits of the new role" he added in a friendly tone.

"Well they are movin' my quarters later, should be quite the upgrade in space from what I hear, no idea what I would do with it" ben replied.

"Well if you need help feel free to come begging and pleading to me, I'm sure I can help fill the space"

"Well I better be on my way to see what it is all about, can you spread word that I would like to address the Engineers at the beginning of the Houston watch in the morning." Ben said getting up, thinking one of the things he will change is the watch names.

On leaving engineering he put an earphone in and tapped a button on a device and it started playing some music.

On reaching the officers quarters area Ben muttered "So this is first class" and he continued trying his best to look like he at least belonged there.

"I wonder if they drink their Orange juice from fancy glasses" Ben thought as he checked the names on the doors.

As he walked past an officer which he didn't know, enter their quarters Ben caught a glimpse of some fancy looking sculpture in the corner of his eye, "So they live like that up here." He muttered to himself again.

Ben finally reached a door that said "Benjamin Thor" on it, he opened the door and immediately based on the size of the room thought "hmmm this might be all right" turned out that time he said it out loud, looking around no-one seemed to have notice.

Ben started wondering about the neighbours as he looked around the large fairly spartan quarters. "I hope they are not prissy." He muttered again.

"Still it feels weird to be sent to this type of place." Ben thought aloud looking around the room making sure the space was not some illusion.

"I don't think so." An unknown voice said from the entrance.

"I hope they are prepared for the likes of you" Another voice chimed in. Ben turned to see Crewman Vanks and Petty Officer Lawson at the entrance of his quarters, both his former bunkmates from his old quarters.

"Well uh, are we allowed to enter?" Vanks asked, he was wearing a set of engineering overalls having just finished his shift maintaining the shuttles.

Lawson was just standin' there wearing his security guard uniform, tapping his foot somewhat impatiently.

"Well I don't want to get arrested for wasting a security personals time." Ben stated in a jovial manner.

"Sorry can't stay gotta spring" Lawson stated, "Just wanted to say, congratulations" he added before with some quickness like lightning he disappeared, like his shift started five minutes ago.

Vanks entered the room and just whistled taking in the volume of the surroundings. "For someone like us…" Vanks started.

"Pretty Rare, right" right Ben finished, "I am still in the pinch me I think I am dreaming state, cards?". Ben added the last bit gesturing at a small table in the quarters.

"I got a few Minutes" Vanks replied and in the true course of time it must have been 7 or 8 hours later when Ben noticed the time and realised, he had to address the Engineering staff soon.

"Damn look at the time." Ben said, "I promised the rest of the Engineers a briefing in about an hour, guess I will smell ya later down in engineering." He said gesturing Vanks towards the door, while walking the crewman sniffed his armpit and violently reacted. Nodding Vanks left the room to freshen up before the briefing. Ben too freshened up and headed down to engineering for the briefing.

On arrival to main engineering he looked around again taking it all in.
"Finally there" he muttered while thinking about how he will have to write a letter to his parents about this.

Chief Engineer of the Astraea.


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