Commodore James Lockwood

Name James Lockwood

Position Antagonist

Rank Commodore


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Sat Jul 25th, 2020 @ 8:37pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2''/188 cm
Weight 183 lbs/83 kg
Hair Color Dark; Peppered with Grey
Eye Color Hazel


Other Family Lockwood has no living family. Over the years Lockwood has had close relationships with several of his colleagues. These colleagues include: Captain Abigail Laurens (Human, CO of the USS Astraea), Lieutenant Commander T'Prinn (Vulcan, speciality in Science and Intelligence), and Lieutenant Gora bim Gral (Tellarite, speciality in Engineering).

Personality & Traits

General Overview In 2394, he was diagnosed with a condition called Talzonic Disease. He did not reveal this disease to Starfleet as it would have surely spelled his dismissal. This disease will attack the nervous system, resulting in the decay of frontal and temporal lobes. Slowly at first; but the decay becomes more rapid over time. It is extremely rare, and in Humans it is nearly unheard of; but there have been cases. In all cases the deterioration has been painful, and there is no known cure. To start his high brain functions will be affected – intelligence, reasoning, logic to name a few. His speech will be affected – disjointed, broken, he will slur his words. Secondly, he will experience intense hallucinations. His mind will become so broken, no treatment will be able to help him distinguish between what is real and delusion. Depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts are very common. In the third phase, muscle loss is imminent. His skeletal structure will become rigid and fragile. Every inch of him will be attacked, memory and body. He will eventually be unable to carry out basic daily functions. He will cease to be him. His mind will drift in and out of consciousness until death. Death is final. Lockwood has only been experiencing the beginning of his symptoms, and has begun experimenting with a drug - TelroyC. This drug in combination with his condition has significantly affected his personality and decision making skills.

Service Record 2339 --- Born James Lockwood, Seattle, Earth
2357 --- Joined Starfleet Academy
2363 --- Graduated Starfleet Academy
2363-2366 --- Served on Starbase 13
2367-2371 --- Served aboard the USS Rawlings
2372-2389 --- Served aboard the USS Gettysberg
2390 --- Promoted to Admiral, rank Commodore