Lieutenant Sorak

Name Sorak

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 110

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 186 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With a grizzled square jaw and a thick slicked-back black hair Sorak does not hold the most traditional Vulcan appearance. In fact, many would assume the Starfleet Officer was in fact perhaps only half Vulcan at first glance thought it is something they would be incorrect in their assumption.

Almond-colored eyes are often caught studying the world and people around him with the curiosity not often associated with one who solely subscribed to the stoic nature of Vulcan logic.


Spouse T'Lura (deceased)
Children Sotir (deceased)
Father Sevek
Mother T'Kaal
Brother(s) Sivek

Personality & Traits

General Overview A follower of V'tosh ka'tur, Sorak often views things with more of a balanced sense of the world compared to his logical brethren who focus solely on the Kolinar. Always seeking to balance logic with his emotions, Sorak is the walking anti-definition of a Vulcan to many. However, he is dedicated and quick thinking, the last anyone ever has to question and one of the first those with a problem will turn to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sorak is a highly intelligent individual who is the first to assume control of a situation and always keeps a level head no matter what the situation is. His logic and balance allow him to quickly assess the situation as well and help resolve it, especially in an engineering crisis.

Unfortunately for many who expect a clearly logical and cold response to get them through things they are often faced with a Vulcan who is willing to share his passionate emotions at times rather than simple logic. It is often a constant struggle for him as he chooses to balance the two purposely.
Ambitions Sorak seeks to help further the reunification effort between Vulcan and Romulus, now more than ever in the height of the post-Hobus Star Crisis. One day he would like the opportunity to command an SCE starship or find himself working in research and development at the Skunkworks. His heart is set on building the next generation of defensive systems for starships.
Hobbies & Interests Gardening
Practice of V'Shan
Follower of the Reunification movement
Listening to Sky-Singing of the Bre'ella

Personal History Born on March 22, 2284, on the planet Vulcan Sorak is the son of two well-regarded members of Vulcan society, Sevek; a member of the V’Shar and T’kaal a professor at the Vulcan Science Academy. From an early age it was apparent Sorak had a gift and love for the sciences much like his mother and it was all but determined for him that at the appropriate age he would attend the Vulcan Science Academy. The Vulcan enjoyed spending time outside studying plant life and animals as well. At the age of seven he was bonded with T’Lura in a pre-arranged ceremony and then at the age of eight he completed the Kahs-wan.

The Kahs-wan was almost an undoing for the young Sorak as he rescued a fellow participant he found injured in the desert, something forbidden in practice. Sorak argued to the elders that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and thus their logic that one must complete this task on their own without assistance was illogical. Despite the elders finding his view flawed he was still noted as having passed the Kahs-wan after his father intervened. The incident led the young Vulcan to take up the practice of V'Shan, vowing to himself he would never be weak or fall prey to the elements or beasts of the desert or anywhere else as his fellow Vulcan had. These skills came in six years later when Sorak completed the Rite of Tal’oth.

In his adolescence, Sorak began to express views that were considered illogical at the time, arguments for the reunification with Romulus and questioning why one did simply not balance emotions with logic. It disturbed his parents greatly and they worked to hide and suppress these thoughts he held. And by all accounts, they thought they had and when his training had finished Sorak was accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy. Except he forwent his chance to attend the Vulcan Science Academy in order to see the galaxy and by joining Starfleet much to the protest of his parents.

At Starfleet Academy, Sorak chose to major in Engineering with a minor in astrophysics. After four years of academy training he would be assigned to the USS Yellow Stone as an Ensign and began a career that would span over seventy years.

Around the year 2387 skillset and personal beliefs led Sorak to volunteer to work with the Federation Evacuation Group sent to Romulus once it was determined the Hobus Star was a threat, A believer in reunification Sorak took the opportunity to work with fellow Vulcans to further their cause while he served his role as well. His personal feelings, however, began to crop back up when he felt that the Federation was not doing enough for the Romulans and ultimately had determined not to help enough of them, just like they had with the civilian casualties at Wolf 359. This led the Lieutenant Commander to steal a vessel and go back to help with evacuations against orders. The Commander was apart of a small group of rogue Starfleet Officers who had defied orders to do what they felt was the better good and was required of the original commitment to the Romulans. Upon his return from the mission, Sorak was demoted to Lieutenant and stripped of his position as Second Officer aboard his current vessel.

For the next ten years, Sorak spent time rehabilitating his career once more working as an instructor under the careful eye of Starfleet. With the time passed and an opportunity finally available Sorak applied for the role of Chief Engineer aboard the USS Astraea.
Service Record 2302 – Enters Starfleet Academy
2305 - Serves one year aboard the USS de'Conti
2306 – Graduates Starfleet Academy (7th in class)

2307 - Assigned to USS Yellowstone; Ensign, Propulsion Specialist
2310 - Assigned to Gamma Shift as Engineering Officer
2312 - Participates in away mission on Arloff IX, awarded citation of merit

2313 - USS Tecumesh - Promoted to Lieutenant JG; Assistant Chief Engineer
2315- Helps prevent ship from being stuck in a pocket of chaotic space
2318 – Resigns from Starfleet and returns to Vulcan

2316 – Weds T’Lura in a prearranged marriage from his youth
2317 – Begins studies for Kolinar
2318 - Sorak’s son Sotir is born
2320 - Sorak fails the studies of Kolinar and is ousted as a V'tosh ka'tur

2321 – Re-enlists in Starfleet | Assigned to USS Dionysus – Ensign; Matter/Energy Systems Specialist
2323 – Promoted to Lieutenant JG; Gamma Shift Engineering Officer
2326 – Helps lead efforts to prevent a reactor core breach on a down freighter in a plasma storm near the Gorn/Federation border
2329 – USS Dionysus – Lieutenant; Assistant Chief Engineer

2331 – Reassigned to USS Yosemite after USS Dionysus is damaged in an encounter with the Kzinti
2336- Sotir, his son attempts to join the Vulcan Science Academy and is denied.
2336 - USS Yosemite - Promoted to Lt. Commander

2341 - Accepts position with Starfleet Academy Annex, Mars facility.

2366 - Returns to ship Duty, Assigned to USS Athos– Lieutenant Commander; Chief Engineering Officer
2367 - Son and Wife are both killed while aboard a transport ship attacked during the incident of Wolf 359
2367 - Awarded Service Ribbon for duty at Wolf 359

2371 – USS Diamandis– Lieutenant Commander; Second officer/Chief Engineering Officer
2381 – Helps lead contact mission to Kreel homeworld to verify the truth of Kinshaya occupation.
2387 - Volunteers for the Federation evacuation efforts of Romulus.

2387 - Demoted to Lieutenant, spends 6 months in confinement for disobeying direct orders
2388-2394 Instructor, Starfleet Academy.
2394 - USS Astraea - Lieutenant; Chief Engineer