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A Late Night Workout

Posted on Sat May 30th, 2020 @ 9:48pm by Lieutenant Alexis Aenera & Lieutenant Bianca Lee

Mission: Around The World in 8 Days
Location: Deck 14: Ship's Gym
Timeline: Evening after 'Practice Practice'


Bianca swept the left leg of her opponent on the mat and delivered a hard blow with the tip of her left elbow as they fought to regain their balance. The computer was very good when it came to realism for hand to hand combat training. As a young lady, when she hadn't turned out to be a beauty like her mother, nor very tall, she'd turned to martial arts as an outlet. Krav Maga, her preferred art form, had been developed as a bastardized form by the Israeli Defense Force as a hard hitting attacking form meant to hurt the opponent until they were down and out. It was also good, VERY good for relieving stress by hitting someone as hard as possible, but at least holograms were good at accepting the punishment.

Bianca's hands came up and formed loose fists as she backed off and reset herself as the hologram recovered its own position and as programmed moved in to attack. Another brief flurry of blows, one which was a groin strike that the computer handily turned into the hologram bending forward for a palm strike to the base of the nose that sent it reeling to the ground and dematerializing the hologram as it registered the fatal injury of bone shards penetrating the brain.

A slow clap of hands from behind her caused Bianca to whirl around, her gi moving where parts of it had loosened and she saw a slightly taller woman with brown hair doing the applause. "Not bad, Lieutenant Lee, but you are angry and it shows. I don't have to be Betazoid to see it." Alexis gestured towards the mat, "Mind if I join you for a friendly spar?"

Bianca growled at the back of her throat, "If Ah'm angry, are you willing to chance it?" She blew out her breath as she caught up with her oxygen consumption, "Ah don't want to hurt you."

"And I don't want to get hurt, but I'll chance it." Alexis smiled as she removed the flat shoes she was wearing and stepped on the mat, bowing towards Bianca, who automatically returned it, "No intentional dirty strikes?"

"Ah can agree to that." Bianca nodded as she brought her hands up in her ready stance, offset by Alexis's widened stance, one hand out in front of her, "But Ah can't make any promises."

The next twenty minutes was spent with Bianca being thrown around the mat with apparent ease by Alexis via a series of feints and grabs that caught Bianca's aggressive moves and used her momentum against her. Of course, the smaller woman did get some good shots in and by the time they separated, both breathing hard, a good bruise was forming over Alexis's left eye, though Bianca's cheek was red and inflamed as well.

"You're angry, talk to me." Alexis stated simply as she walked with a slight limp over to the medkit kept in the gym for just this sort of thing. "But that was a really good back-kick, got me in the right spot."

Bianca followed, no apparent injury aside from the cheek and she gestured for the dermal regenerator to start on Alexis's eye socket even as Alexis scanned the knee where she noted a bone bruise. Oh well, that was easily fixed, "Asshole in the flight simulator on McKinley, Ah was there for some flight re certification and he altered the scenario from the required one."

Alexis sat still for the regenerator, "Did it affect your passing?" A shake of the head of the redhead, "Then no real harm done, but I can understand. You know you were telegraphing every move you made, right?"

"Ah know, wasn't intentional. Judo?" A nod from Alexis, "It's more elegant than my Krav Maga, but mine's a bit more practical in actual combat, Ah think. You weren't holdin' back, were ya'?"

"Nope, not significantly, I mean, I wasn't going to make any massive strikes that would really hurt you, but I wasn't going to just sit there and let you wail on me without stopping you." Alexis smiled, "But call me Lexi, rather than Lieutenant Aenera, I think this sort of thing would stop any formalities, except in public, at least I like to think so."

"Bianca then, for you." Bianca's honeyed voice agreed, "That should do that, mind doin' me?" She proffered the regenerator and turned her own face for attention.

"Of course, Bianca," Alexis smiled brightly, "And if you think that you and I won't be friends, I think you have another think coming!" Her voice was cheerful, "I just do this to keep in shape, running around the ship just gets really boring in my opinion and since we aren't trying to kill each other."

Bianca chuckled in response to that, "Ah think you're right, you're science, right?" She got a nod in the corner of her vision as a response, "Well, not a bad thing to be, it's definitely different than Strategic Operations which is more a cross of Tactical and In-telligence than anythin' else. Hell, we're not really all that likely to see each other very often."

"Not unless you want to hang out here and there, spar a bit, take in a movie, meet some guys?" Alexis chuckled, "Sorry, couldn't resist that last one, but I'm sure you'll see me more often than you think. I do research, you do research." She finished up Bianca's cheek and tucked the regenerator away, "And you're as good as new."

"Thanks, Lexi, and thanks for letting me get my mad out on you.. Ah really do feel better now than Ah did before." Bianca let out a slight smile to Alexis, "But Ah'd better get a shower in before Ah get some sleep, Ah've got the bridge duty tomorrow and it's bound to be borin'."

Alexis smiled broadly back at her, "And I've got some serious shopping tomorrow in New York to do tomorrow. Anything I can pick up for you?"

Bianca laughed and shook her head, "Nope, nothin'." She levered herself to her feet, "See you later Lexi."


Lieutenant Bianca Lee
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Astraea

Lieutenant Alexis Aenera
Science Officer
USS Astraea


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