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Bolian Unbound

Posted on Sat May 30th, 2020 @ 5:44pm by Lieutenant Farizah Alani

Mission: Around The World in 8 Days
Location: Farizah Alani's Quarters


No sooner had the doors to her quarters parted ways, opening revealing a glimpse into her personal life, like a small window ajar, a glimpse into the soul, the Bolian started to strip down taking off her armor: the Starfleet uniform, security goldenrod, and the holster that she opted to wear, which when on duty was paired with a type-II Federation standard issue hand phaser. Her uniform’s upper half was dismissed, tossed aside immediately over of couch as the doors closed behind her.

She made her way over to the replicator unit in her quarters, stood there contemplating what she wanted as she yawned and stretched. Her blue skin popping out in contrast to the dull grey sleeveless undershirt. It took only a few moments for the Security Chief to make her decision. “Yaderan berry fizzle” ordered the Bolian, and with a swirling light spectacle a tall clear glass appeared, and a vibrant scarlet red juice appeared fizzing with carbonation, tiny bubbles rising rapidly to the surface, and slowly disappearing.

Farizah loved Yaderan berries and was grateful that Federation replicators could get their tangy and tart flavor down almost perfectly. Of course, it was nothing like the real thing, at least not quite, but it was as close of a approximation as she could. The fruit may have grown on trees, but Yadera Prime was a whole quadrant away and the Federation were supposed to stay clear of it. Of course, that did not prevent things from getting to the Alpha and Beta quadrants, and one of Farizah’s co wives was kind enough to get her a couple bottles of Yaderan berry wine, two of which Farizah had brought with her aboard the Astraea, but had not gotten into them yet.

The Bolian took a few sips before walking over to the work station in her living quarters. The stress of work had been a welcomed distraction from her personal life. She had one message from Bolarus IX. The message alone was enough to almost cause her to knock her fizzle over, though she did grab it and take a very joyous sip. “Oh, praise the four moons” she said as the transmission from her personal legal advisor on Bolarus IX ended.

Farizah immediately grabbed a PaDD and transferred the attached data from her personal work terminal to the more mobile PaDD which she carried over the to the sofa along with her choice beverage and began reading the legal wording. It was masterfully crafted and best of all her husbands and wives were not contesting it. All that was needed was Farizah authorization and she would be a liberated woman which she had not enjoyed the freedom of for quite sometimes. The price one pays on assignment from Starfleet Security she reminded herself, they had tasked the USS Hardrada with an assignment near Bolarus sector. She never would have imagined herself being used the way that she was, but as a young and eager ensign, she was naïve enough not to see the repercussions or that for troubles, all Starfleet did was slap a second pip on her uniform and make her night watch tactical officer when she returned from her assignment.

She would need to authorize everything, look over it herself to make sure everything was golden, but she did not expect to have any issues. Aside from the hefty cut her personal legal advisor would take, she knew his work would be impeccable. That was something Ferengi were known for. She imagined that he had done some questionable legal tactics in twisting everyone’s wrists into agreement, but she would pay just about anything to be free. It was not that she hated any of her wives or husbands, but Farizah was a hopeless romantic at heart, and her heart had been bound to several on Bolarus that she felt nothing for no matter how desperately she tried to.


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