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Posted on Fri May 29th, 2020 @ 1:14pm by Lieutenant Commander William Rogers

Mission: Around The World in 8 Days


A holo flickered in a dark room. Stark grey architecture barely lit with blood red lights. Two Klingons stand in front of the display. Arms crossed. One is not old. The other is not young.

The Federation News Network logo transitions across the holo, marking a change in segment.

"And finally in lighter news visitors to Earth's Smithsonian Museum were treated to an aerial display of antique jet aircraft as part of the 400th anniversary commemoration of Earth's Eugenics Wars. Taking part in the display was former United States Air Force Captain William Rogers; the Eugenics Wars' last known surviving veteran. Captain Rogers, seen here alongside the fighter he flew in today's display, was unavailable for comment, but all of here at the station wish him the best for his life in the 24th century.

Up next on FNN the second of our reports into the continued militarisation of Starfleet."

The holo froze on the picture of Rogers.

"Him." Said the one that was not young. "It all began in the Human's 20th Century."

"The father must pay for the sins of the child." Replied the one that was not old, his eyes flashed with manic ferver.

"His blood will wash away the stain on our honour." The other agreed.

"Those killed by the Augment Virus must be avenged."

The one that was not young shook his head. "This is not revenge. It is higher that that. It is justice: for the worlds which were purged; for the mutilation of brothers and sisters; for the corruption of our heritage."

"Our hunt begins." The one that was not old turned away from holo and the one that was not young.

"When it is done the High Council will understand. I will make them see." The one that was not young stared at the picture of Buck, his eyes tiny gimlets of hatred.



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