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Fear Rivers Overflowing

Posted on Fri Jan 31st, 2020 @ 7:58pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Warrant Officer Callisi Veera

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Personal Quarters


The run to Callisi's quarters was quick, as the Yellow Alert had most of the hallways empty and quiet. Without the memory of life in these halls just moments ago, one could confuse this ship for a ghost ship. The door to Callisi's quarters was closed when Shaille arrived, but before the door chime was pressed, before the door was told to open, in the silence of the hall and the relative quiet of the ship's background noise there was a sound from within.

A whimper.

"Callisi!!!" she shouted, banging against the door to her quarters. "Callisi can you hear me?"

Shaille could feel the frustration mounting in the two point three seconds she waited with no answer.

"Computer, emergency over ride and give me access to Callisi Veera's quarters, emergency access code Levine Delta Omega Nine Sigma Two." Shaille demanded impatiently.

"Access denied. Emergency access code not recognised."

"Damn it Computer!" Shaille cursed, pulling off the access hatch to the manual override and reaching in, grasping blindly for the handle to release the doors.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, the doors parted near soundlessly, leaving Shaille to rush through, glancign around quickly. "Callisi? Computer, lights to twenty percent," she ordered, hoping it would give enough light to make it easier to see without hurting the Rabbitess' eyes.

"I... In here." came the response from the kitchen. Or at least what passed for the kitchen in the smaller quarters. There, in a heap on the floor, was the collapsed Callisi, curled up into a ball and whimpering. Around her lay the beginnings of a snack of sorts: A dropped knife, a wedge of cheese, some thin slices of meat, broken glass and a spilled drink. As Shaille approached, as the lights came up to a gentle illumination, the pilot looked up at the security officer...

Her one good eye, shineless and deep. Her one terrible eye, clockwork and artificial. A shine, a soft blue point of light. To anyone else, it would be a marvelous piece of work. To the lady who needed it to see, she hated it.

All that pride, all that hurt over her physical appearance was tossed out the airlock as, at the moment, every inch of her body was in a state of deep, unusual hurt. She closed her eye, her prosthetic lacking such modesty, as she shivered again. "What's going on?"

Dropping to the floor, Shaille reached toward Callisi, pressing the palm of one hand on top of her head between her ears before running her fingers down the side of one ear quickly. "Sorry," she apologised, knowing how sensitive the Ts'Usugi were to touch from strangers. "Does it hurt all over?" she asked, moving her hand down to find a pulse point.

"Hey hey..." the downed rabbitess muttered, "Yes, they're real." she would normally have grumbled some more, but the circumstances were very different currently. "Everywhere." she said after a breath. "Yes, even the ears." same symptoms: Racing heart, burning temperature, pain, discomfort.

The blonde security officer gave a slight nod as she reached for her commbadge. "Levine to sickbay, medical emergency in the quarters of Callisi Veera... deck six, section J-39."

"Medical teams are already on their way, stand by Lieutenant," came the response.

"It's okay," Shaille said quietly, keeping her hand resting lightly on Callisi's hand just so she knew she was still there. "I think it's a virus, Koh has the same symptoms."

Another grumble, another breath, another shiver. Her good eye she kept closed, though her prosthetic moved to look up at Shaille. Presumably, both eyes were looking at her, but with the one being closed it presented a very eerie display. She was silent, one could even say grateful for the company in her state of weakness.

Their time together was cut short by Medical's approach. Same as previous: a two-man stretcher team and a tech. The tech was already working on the two sprays when they made their way into her quarters. "Computer. Set interior lights to one hundred percent." and the computer acknowledged the presence and voice of a medical technician and increased the lights to their brightest. The extra light didn't bother Callisi, as her eye was already closed, but it did cause the little aperture in her prosthetic to contract. Fascinating device, but for later.

"We'll need to sneak in there, ma'am." the tech indicated, holding both hypo's at the ready.

Shaille climbed to her feet and stepped back a few paces to allow them space to work, watching closely, her brow furrowed with concern. "Is there anyone else on the ship at risk from what ever this is?" she asked calmly.

"We don't know ma'am," the tech replied while tending to Callisi. "We'll take her back to sickbay and isolate her with the others."

"Others?" The concern on Shaille's face grew even more concerned. "Callisi I'm going to walk to sickbay with you. Koh is already there. I'll find out what's going on."

Callisi gave a nod towards Shaille as the world started to get fuzzy, the sedative starting to take effect. "Thank you." she managed, before her features started to soften. "..... Eyepatch." her last thoughts before sleeping were, of course, the return of her vanity.

Before she left, Shaille made a quick scout around Callisi's quarters, locating the eye patch on a side table in the bedroom. She picked it up and slipped it into her pocket before following the medical team out into the corridor.

The medical team carried Callisi through the halls down to Sickbay proper, where they set her up in one of the reinforced radiation bunks. A thick plastic curtain surrounded each bed, the barest hint of a force field of sorts around them just beyond that. Isolated from the others, with the lights slightly dimmed, were the slumbering forms of Koh and the ship's second officer, Ichiko.

Each of them sleeping, with their vitals displayed clearly on the screens around them. "Give us a minute to get her set up." the techs carrying Callisi's stretcher mentioned to Shaille as they passed her by, heading to the biobed already set up to receive her.

While she was waiting, Shaille made her way to Koh,'s bed, spending a the moments while she waited with him, her hand resting softly over his as she watched the rhythmic beating of his heart displayed on the monitor. The beat while he slept, was one she was intimately familiar with, a sound that had soothed her to sleep almost every night since they had gotten together.

"Do you know what's causing it?" she asked quietly, not wanting to disturb anyone.

Maybe it was her touch. Maybe it was coincidence, but his heartrate steadied ever so slightly at the contact. One of the medical techs that was monitoring the three of them spoke up, "The radiation in this sector is hitting them particularly hard, ma'am."

"It's probably their bones." one of the other techs commented, after checking Ichiko's vitals as per the rotating orders.

Releasing Koh's hand just long enough to move to Callisi and very gently put the eye patch on her, Shaille sighed softly. "No one removes that eye patch unless it's a life or death emergency, or I'll make it a life or death emergency, got it?" she cautioned before moving back to Koh's bedside.

"As alien as her prosthetic is, it..." one of the techs was beginning to comment, but one of the medics currently attending to Callisi spoke up. "It's still active. Let her get some sleep."

"They're going to be alright though, aren't they?" she asked quietly as she pulled a chair over next to Koh's bed, her hand covering his as she leaned forward, resting her forehead lightly against his arm.

The medic tending to Koh at the moment gave a smile towards Shaille, "He's in the best of hands, ma'am. They all are. Right here is the best place for them too." he reassured. Truth be told, the medical files they received on the trio left a lot to be desired, and the medical database was made more accurate by just having them aboard for medical scans and physicals.

"I'll bring you some water." he offered, to make her more comfortable as she lay with her pilot.

Shaille nodded, keeping her eyes closed, moving her hand to rest on the center of his chest. She could feel his heart beating beneath her touch, a soft sigh escaping her lips. "I don't plan on going anywhere," she murmured softly, finally seeing the silver lining to being removed from duty.


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