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Radioactive Hurricanes a-Blowin'

Posted on Thu Jan 30th, 2020 @ 7:28pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Warrant Officer Koh Ottasu

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Personal Quarters


The one saving grace Shaille had discovered at being off duty still while the ship had gone to yellow alert was the fact that the unstable atmospheric environment outside the ship meant that the fighters had all been stood down as well, which was why Shaille now found herself on the couch, snuggled in the arms of Koh, fingertips of one hand gently stroking his ears, behind her as they watched a movie.

She wasn't even sure what they were watching, she'd long since given up trying to concentrate on what she was seeing, she was just enjoying the moment and the quality time with him and trying very hard to not think about what was going on in the rest of the ship.

Koh, for his part, stopped explaining the parts of the movie that were more cultural than cinematic. He just snuggled up and enjoyed a moment with the woman he loved. Her fingers brushed up along his ears, and each time his ears twitched at her touch. Such a gentle moment. Grounded fighter squads meant that, for the moment, he had a bit of time to relax. He could think of nowhere better to spend it than here.

He took a deep breath, fidgeting a bit but unwilling to move from this location. By the time the movie's credits were rolling, he offered a smile to Shaille, but something was certainly bothering him. The next time she touched his ears, she'd feel it to. He was running something of a fever, and it crept up quickly.

As her fingers travelled up along the length of the edge of his ear, Shaille could feel the warmth, but it was as her fingers travelled back down again, she knew something wasn't right. She moved quickly, sitting up and sliding off the edge of the couch almost in one fluid movement until she was on her knees facing him, her hand almost instantly pressing against his forehead. "What's wrong?" she asked softly, hand trailing down the side of his face until her palm was pressed over his chest.

His heartbeat was always quick, but now it was positively racing, even his breathing seemed to be laboured. "Koh, what's wrong?" Shaille asked again.

He actually winched as she pressed on his chest. "I... I don't know." he answered, "Everything hurts. Feel ho.." and he brought his hand up quick and turned his head to stave off a coughing fit. "... Feel hot. I... it's those damned invisible harvesters again." he came to the only logical conclusion, "G... gotta tell security." he then looked at Shaille. "S... security. Problem in the room." he took a long breath, labored and ending in another fit of coughs.

Shaille shook her head quickly. "No, this isn't aliens, this is something else," she said softly. "Where does it hurt?"

He closed his eyes. "Ears. Teeth. Chest, not the heart just... the whole chest. Shoulders, hands, legs... it's... it's an uncomfortable pain, not an actual ouch pain." he was comfortable enough around her to use terms that weren't exactly scientific, but managed to hit the spot. "Everywhere hurts. A dull ache, like a pulse or a tide." he took another breath. "I... I don't think I need to get to sickbay. Do they make quarter visits?" he asked, still unsure about a lot of Starfleet's day to day.

"I think we should try and get you to sickbay," Shaille said quietly. "I..." She spent a long moment watching him, concern clear on her face as her hand rested softly against his cheek before she changed her mind and reached for her commbadge. "Levine to sickbay, medical emergency in my quarters."

"Understood, we already have a medical team enroute."

The channel closed and Shaille turned her attention straight back to Koh. "Medical are on their way," she said quietly, her voice wavering slightly with concern as she moved her hands away from his chest, fingertips returning to gently brush the edge of his ears. "They'll fix you up in no time, I'm sure."

He gave her a smile. "You know how much I don't like to be trouble." he said softly. Not out of discomfort, but because the moment was just for them. "They know what they're doing, right?" he joked, holding onto that smile. He relaxed a bit, enjoying the touch of her fingertips along his ears. "How do they feel? I feel like I'm burning up from the inside."

He paused for a moment, then blinked, as though coming to a massive realization. "When medical gets here, they have to check on Dead Eye. She's alone."

"You're hot," Shaille replied quietly. "They'll be here soon. As soon as I know you're okay, I'll go check on Callisi myself, I promise." She smiled faintly as she kept running her fingers along the length of his ears. "You're burning up..." She glanced toward the door expectantly. "What's taking them so long?"

"Big ship. Ask Gail, she could tell you." he said with a deep breath. "Thank you for checking on Callisi." he took another breath, with a wince. "Everything hurts. Just a very unpleasant ache." he tried to shimmy in place to get someplace comfortable, but no matter how he lay, there was always an ache.

"They'll be here soon, they have to," Shaille replied anxiously.

Before he could try to get too comfy though, the doors opened and a three-man medical squad came in. "Lieutenant?" the head medic called out to find them before they zeroed in on their position. Two of them set up a stretcher to carry Koh out, while the other moved in to administer a pair of hyposprays. "The first is a sedative. It'll ease his discomfort. The second here is a radiation innoculation. A booster shot, of sorts. When we get him to isolation, ma'am, we'll give him the next set." and the head medic held up the first hypo, "Pardon me, just need to get to the patient. I'll be easy, promise."

With a nod, she moved back out of the way and watched as they worked, carefully moving him onto the stretcher. "I'll go check on Callisi then I'll come to sickbay," she said softly. "I'll be quick, I promise..."

He reached out to her to run his fingertips along her hand softly before the sedatives took affect. "Love you." he breathed, and then the sedatives took hold. His pain and suffering ebbed as he drifted off into a drug-assisted sleep. Less groans, less misery, and unlike his ever-shifting posture on the couch just moments before he was still. The rise and fall of his chest was steady, though his ear twitched in tune with his rapid heartbeat.

"We'll be careful." one of the medic-techs assured Shaille as they carefully picked him up and started to cautiously, but hastily, make their way out of their quarters.

Shaille followed behind them as they carefully removed Koh from their quarters. As soon as they had started toward the turbolift, she broke off heading in the other direction as fast as she could move.


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